Crave a Different Kind of Buzz

Dr. Cindy Haines Health Guide
  • This one particular song, Royals, has been everywhere. I heard it first on my local alternative radio station - and loved it. I thought: Finally! Something different than the same old, same old. I was attracted to the unique nature of the song.


    But then, upon hearing it a few more times, I started to really connect with some of the lyrics too. The concepts I gleaned from it being a focus on something else, something different from what traditional pop culture is telling us we all want (or should want). This song expressing indifference, actually, to what other pop stars and artists are selling to us: life in the fast lane, gold teeth, jet planes…stuff. Bigger, better, fancier stuff - but, still, just stuff. A lifestyle of opulence, a lifestyle of never-ending "stuff." That somehow this has become the focus, the goal of a life worth living, a life well lived: Literally, he who has the most (and best) toys wins.

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    What I hear in Royals (which may or may not be what the artist intended) is that I am not alone in my lack of care about this quest for stuff. That I am not alone in my quest for "a different kind of buzz." What pop culture and popular majority are selling me, I am not interested in buying.  And - lo and behold -there are others like me out there.


    So what's the point of this and why am I writing about it here in this health and fitness space? For a pure and simple reason: That's my buzz. I crave the buzz that comes from going after what my body, my mind, and my soul really seek. My recipe for life satisfaction and, hopefully, happiness: taking care of myself so that I can focus on what really matters to me, try to become the best me, and get the most out of this life - giving the most back in return.


    I know I am not going to get there by pursuing things, money, status, or fame. Or really any kind of external manifestation of power. I know I am going to get there by pursuing internal power - by strengthening myself via cultivation of healthful practices. Strengthening my body and mind, and unleashing my soul for the challenges in the journey before me. It's a love affair with a soulful and soul-full life; it's not getting caught up in a love affair with stuff or some fantasy of pop culture that's just a mirage after all.


    Like she sings in Royals, I'll also never be "royal" in the material sense. That's OK - I crave a different kind of buzz.


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Published On: October 25, 2013