Losing Weight at a Healthy Rate

Dr. Cindy Haines Health Guide
  • Following up on my last blog about the healthiest way to lose weight, the community has asked a very good (and very common) question: “How many pounds a week can one lose in a healthy fashion?"


    Most experts agree that the standard here is a steady weight loss of 1 to 2 pounds a week. Some weeks may be a little more, some a little less. A little week-to-week variation is fine but overall you should aim for the consistency of 1 to 2 pounds lost per week.


    The rationale for this is clear: a slow and steady weight loss has been proven safe, healthy and effective over the long term. It helps to start thinking about this in a slightly different way: your goal is not actually weight loss in of itself; the goal is actually to make changes that contribute to a healthy body with the “side effect” of weight loss.

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    And remember that losing even 5 to 10 percent of your body weight can bring health benefits if you are overweight or obese.


    Other helpful hints to keep in mind:

    1. Keep a record of your progress. It really helps to see how far you’ve come.

    2. Celebrate small victories. Create a milestone chart and reward yourself with non-food treats, such as a night out at the movies or that new purse or golf club you’ve been eyeing. This positive reinforcement is wonderful for the spirit.

    3. Think long-term. Losing weight the healthy way is not a quick fix, nor do you want it to be. What you are going for here are changes in your lifestyle that will stick with you and translate into a healthier life, long term.

Published On: May 16, 2007