Are you ready for some discipline?

Cathy Hamilton Health Guide
  • My midlife meltdown took a brief time-out this weekend.


    What's my excuse this time, you ask? Would you believe, college sports?


    It seems that my home team - the Kansas Jayhawks - are national contenders in football AND basketball this year. Our football team is undefeated (causing shockwaves through a fan base more accustomed to seeing several ticks in the losses column) and currently 3rd in the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) standings. And though the basketball season is just getting started, the Crimson and Blue are picked to finish well, hopefully with an appearance in the Final Four.

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    What does all this have to do with my lack of diet discipline, you ask?


    In a word: Parties. This past weekend, there was a game every night.

    Friday, basketball. Saturday, football. Sunday, basketball again.


    Have you ever seen anyone nibble on celery sticks or sip soda water during a watch party?? I didn't think so! Whether you're gathered in a bar and grill, a neighbor's rec room or your own den, watch parties call for barbecue, chili, burgers or brats. Not to mention, ice cold beer.


    Maybe that's why my weight loss has slowed to a standstill. As of today, I'm still only down 1.4 pounds. Not terrible for one week's total. And, hey, at least I didn't gain!


    The football season has at least two weeks to go. So to combat watch party puffiness and ramp up my metabolism, I'm taking a page from the college football training manual. Two-a-days. Every summer, as college teams all over the country prepare for a new season, they practice twice a day for a few weeks, in order to speed up their conditioning.


    So that's my plan. Starting this morning, I spent 30 minutes on the treadmill and 10 minutes with free weights. After work, I'll take a brisk 30-minute walk on campus for a total of 400 calories burned. Maybe I'll head down to the football stadium. The fall colors are brilliant in Lawrence, Kansas, right now and I'll take my iPod, filled with KU fight songs, to spur me to victory.


    And for next week's tailgate, I'll be bringing a pot of spicy, low-fat chili made with lean buffalo meat. Recipe to follow.


    How do you maintain discipline on YOUR diet during football season?

Published On: November 15, 2007