It's hard to booze and lose

Cathy Hamilton Health Guide
  • It was another bumpy weekend on the diet trail. Two holiday parties and a wedding added up to a weight gain of 1.1 pounds. I think I can take it off this week but I'm starting to think my goal for the holidays should be "net zero." No loss; no gain. A wash. With several more festive events still on the calendar, it may be the best I can hope for.


    The problem with holiday and party fare is not just the endless offerings of rich, fattening food. It's the liquid libations that come with it. For those of us who enjoy our parties with a little "social lubrication," the calorie counts can climb sky high. How high, you ask? Just look at these calorie totals from some common cocktails and hot toddies (I wish I had researched this before the weekend!):

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    • Egg nog - 450 calories
    • White Russian - 425 calories
    • Hot buttered rum - 220 calories
    • Champagne Punch - 150 calories
    • White wine (6 oz) - 120 calories
    • Red wine (6 oz) - 128 calories
    • Vodka tonic - 200 calories

    Now, multiply those by 2 or 3 over the course of an evening and you've got trouble on the scale the next day.


    There are ways to reduce empty calorie consumption of cocktails. Here are a few strategies I'm going to try:

    1. Drink a full glass of water between each alcoholic drink. This keeps your tummy full, dilutes the alcohol entering your system and encourages hydration.
    2. Serve yourself smaller portions in each glass.
    3. Choose diet versions of a favorite cocktails such as rum and Diet Coke or Vodka and sugar-free tonic.
    4. Drink wine as a spritzer - half wine/half club soda

    Of course, you can always choose not to imbibe at all and watch smugly as party guests pack on the pounds. (It might not be as much fun but at least you'll have nothing to regret the next day!)



Published On: December 05, 2007