The Skinny on Comfort Food

Cathy Hamilton Health Guide
  • An ice storm hit my neck of the woods last night (and is still hitting us as I write) and my first thought yesterday was: Must prepare with comfort food!


    Here in the Midwest, we are used to making ready for big storms. In my household we have a generator, dozens of candles, flashlights for everyone, and more than enough firewood for the duration if - heaven forbid - we should lose power.


    One of the things I do to prepare for a winter blast is cook a big pot of something hot and hearty. I figure, if we're all going to be stuck in the house - possibly without heat - we ought to have something delicious to warm our bodies and hearts. In the past, I've made rich and fattening fare like cream of broccoli soup, baked potato soup or, my favorite, Mulligatawny.

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    But this winter, the diet wouldn't allow such indulgences. So what to make if you're watching your calories?


    I was delighted to find healthy alternatives for all three of my favorite soups right here in the MyDietExercise recipe search. This alternative to Cream of Broccoli soup is only 90 calories per serving and substitutes calorie-laden heavy cream with non-fat sour cream.


    The Potato and Leek Soup I found may not have that distinctive bacon flavor of my own Baked Potato Soup, but at 114 calories per serving and only 4 grams of fat, you can bet it's better for your heart and still warming to the soul.


    And while it's not EXACTLY the same as Mulligatawny (which has so many variations, who's to say what's not authentic?) this recipe for Curried Chicken and Lentil Soup has many of the same delicious ingredients and probably 1/3 the calories.


    Try the Recipe Finder this week to find chill-curing soups or any other healthy recipe you desire. Each is rated, showing prep and cooking times, in addition to providing all the nutritional information you could need.


    We enjoy Broccoli Soup with Lemon Cream last night and I've got a pot of Curried Chicken soup on the stove right now. As the branches of our largest tree dips toward the ground, I'm sure thankful I'm cooking with gas!


    Stay warm, everyone!

Published On: December 12, 2007