New Year's Aftermath

T. G. Bennett Health Guide
  • My housemate had a chip and ice cream fest on New years. I ate tuna pasta salad, scrambled eggs and whole grain cereal. Don't be fooled. Chips are on my top 10 favorite things to eat list and when I saw the chips on the way to the laundry room, my eyes were alight.

    I said "Chips?" she said yes. I said Whoo-sa! Thinking that she'd share. Um.. not so much. Then I had a revelation. I have fitness goals. I have no desire to be a corn fed big girl for the rest of my existence. So no chips for me today. No chips until I find out exactly how many chips I can eat without having one of those 5 pounds I recently lost return. I fit into my Anne Klein pencil skirt -- I like to call it my skinny skirt. Wishful thinking I know but as a compromise we'll call it my not so plus sized skirt.

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    Its New Years day and I am accepting responsibility that my poor eating choices have contributed to my health issues. If you want to change something I understand its a good practice to admit it -- you know like in those Anonymous self help 12-step groups. OK well here it goes. I'm T.G. and I was raised on McDonalds.

    I'm not blaming anyone, but dinner regularly at my house was chicken nuggets, a shake and large french fries. I still love them even as an adult but I realize, high cholesterol is a result of my eating habits over all of these years. I'm not blaming the burger and fries I made the choices -- now I'm doing my due diligence and trying to make reparations.

    I know if I ever want to see a size 8 and not just on a rack in a store but on my body, I can still eat out but I'm going to have to have the lean proteins, and yes something green -- like spinach, green beans etc.

    I did have one last bad meal. On New Year's eve I had some curly fries. I'm T.G. and I ate curly fries.

    peace be with you,


Published On: January 08, 2010