Food Trials

T. G. Bennett Health Guide
  • I've got some good new and some bad. First, the bad, I fell off my plan for a minute... er... a day last week and I ordered a pizza. It was a really big pizza. I got stressed about an assignment and I was working late on deadline, and I opened my browser (you don't even need to phone-in orders anymore) and I typed 1 large cheese pizza no sauce and extra mushrooms.   


    It arrived in less than a half hour. I looked at it said "What was I thinking?" and then opened the box and inhaled. Shortly thereafter I, well you know what happened next.  2 days later, the box empty and laying akwardly inside the recycle bin.  There's a thought.  This pizza was even too big for the gigantic blue recycle crate no one likes to haul out to the curb. What a shame.   Now for the good news -- I know what my trigger is -- its stress. 

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    Eating is how I've been dealing with stress! Eureka!  Now I've just got to switch the food for some other comforting thing.   That's where good news part II kicks in.  My fingers did some more walking and I ordered a Billy Blanks Tae Bo dvd.  So I'm switching angst ridden food cravings for Billy. And I did some walking -- then I got the flu -- but life goes on.

     So, I'll be kicking and punching my way to a better body.   Oh before I forget, one other side effect I noticed after eating the pizza -- I was extremely tired and sleepy. I'm not an expert on blood sugar and I'm not a diabetic but I think the pizza raised my blood sugar because I crashed (went right to sleep) right after eating the pizza pie.  Not so good.

    Tomorrow is another day, and one setback does not mean failure. Besides, now with a secret weapon (Billy Blanks dvd) on my side, I've got a better chance of making my goal. One thing though, got to  kick the flu before I start kicking-it with Tae Bo's Billy Blanks.      

Published On: January 13, 2010