Getting Back On Track

T. G. Bennett Health Guide
  • The world doesn't stop just because you have the flu.  Life goes on and so does work. Yesterday I had a shoot which required a little walking and a lot of standing. 


     Luckily the weather was great and the walk made me feel energized. Later that evening however my body felt like it was 70 years old. I ached all over, and I was dog tired. I didn't even have dinner. Not good. I've learned that if I don't eat, my body thinks its starving and holds on to the fat cells for dear life.  


    During the shoot I was even able to get fitness advice. Everyone is aware of my goal to drop 40 pounds so they, my colleagues offer advice. And since most are more fit than me, I take said advice.

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    Here's the latest nugget -- you've got to eat to lose weight.  Sounds bizarre I know since all of these years I've been literally starving to lose weight I even once went on an Oprah-esque medically supervised liquid diet.   I lost the weight but I was cranky. Really cranky and as soon as I began to eat solid food the needle on the scale went berserk.   What is that 10 pounds gained in a month? How could this be? I wondered. By the end of that fabulous experience I weighed 20 pounds more than I did before I began that blasted diet.  


    Then there was that one time I ventured into Dr. Atkins-land. Great Scott! I lost so much weight in so little time then I plateaued. Then I got completely sick of eating meat cheese and eggs.  I love bacon and eggs but really, as wonderful as bacon is... I grew tired. I wanted a baguette, a bread-stick even.  


    For a long while, I waxed poetic about how I lost the weight with Atkins and in the beginning I felt exhilarated. But then I gave in to temptation and went to Paolo's in Georgetown (Washington, DC. ) Homemade pasta and bread-sticks.  I was in absolute heaven. I broke up with Dr. Atkins and never returned, though I still have fantasies of what it might be like to try again.   We cannot live in the past so I am taking one step at a time, losing weight slowly and not chastising myself for my short comings. 


    There's one thing that I have noticed, if you eliminate just one thing for me it's soda, that's half the battle. After all, if I am going to get calories I don't want to drink them.   Most of the time I drink water, occasionally I have a glass of juice or tea (with Splenda.) If I want flavor in my water I add a few sliced cucumbers and a little lemon, it helps with the flavor.   Losing 4 pounds a month is definitely an attainable goal, and this time I'll do it one bite and one step at a time.

Published On: January 20, 2010