Progressing Slowly

T. G. Bennett Health Guide
  • The first month of my new improved eating/living plan is almost over. I fell off the horse a couple of times but nonetheless I'm getting into a rhythm. For example, I went grocery shopping and omitted the snacks. No little crunchy things made it into my basket. I purchased real food, chickens and beans and salads oh my!   I made some really lovely low fat/ high fiber meals. The most notable was a habanero, 2 bean chicken chili that was so hot I had to have several glasses of water as my side dish (can a beverage be a side dish? um probably not.)

    Now back to the snack issue. Just because I didn't buy the chips doesn't mean I didn't crave them -- especially at night. Ugh! Getting up pacing around long after bedtime wondering what I could grab quickly to satisfy my craving was how I spent several nights. Sugar cravings were the worst. And let me just say I found that tea with lemon and Splenda helped satisfy my need for something sweet.   Through trial and error I also learned that several cups of tea in a day made me a little too amped up. So I augmented my tea binge with something I found in the house pantry called Sugar Bal tea. Perfect right? A tea with the word sugar in the title, I got the pretty cup and saucer out and poured the hot water on the tea bag in anticipation of the sugar rush I was about to enjoy.

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    Then I sipped. Perhaps some Splenda would help. Still hopeful I added the Sucralose in the yellow paper packet. Sipped again. Then I heard snickers coming from my housemate as she observed my Sugar Bal tea ritual. "This tastes like sweet weeds." I said.
    "Yeah I was wondering what you were going to say about the roots." She remarked laughing hysterically. "You knew this tasted like compost? Why didn't you say something?" I asked mildly irritated.   Not being one to give up so easily stuck it out with the Sugar Bal. I got used to the taste but whats more important is my snack craving abated and I began to relax, that night I had a good sleep and I didn't give into my desire for my favorite palate pleasers fatty, crunchy or sweet snacks that have no business in my life or later showing up on my body as extra pounds.   So along with the food changes I've walked some, and I watched the Tae Bo video. Truthfully I haven't kicked or punched yet, though I have walked.   Oh one more thing happened I almost forgot to mention, I managed to get into my olive green silk Luca Luca blouse/bodysuit. That's progress. I tried it on one other time since I purchased it last year and magically effortlessly it fits! Now that's progress.  

Published On: January 28, 2010