Getting Into A Healthy Routine

T. G. Bennett Health Guide
  • Today all is right with the weather, well sort of considering we've had a virtual avalanche of snow for the past couple of weeks. Its sunny, perfect day for a walk. And... I've just gotten the perfect running shoes to facilitate my new healthy life goals.   Now I just need to push my self out the door. "C'mon, you can do it." I tell myself. but then I say..."um, I'll wait until it gets warmer. Yes.though the sun is shining, its way too cold. burr."


    So I pushed my walk until late afternoon in favor of meeting some of my editorial deadlines.   Now, about the eating. All is good except for a couple of slip ups one being my favorite latest candy (about every year I pick a new candy as my favorite) this year its Hot Tamales.

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    There is no fat, but the carbs are crazy per serving (something like 36 grams) and the sugar. Oh the sugar. I just love the sweet hot effect of these red jellied gems. But I digress. Once in a while I down a box last week I ate 2 ... not at the same time, but in a couple of days.   All of my meals so far have been on target, most recently I've been making chicken stock based stews with chicken breast and vegetables and the hottest chiles I can find. A couple of days ago I was yearning for my summer days in the South so I made shrimp and grits.  The shrimp was sauteed in garlic, thyme and butter. The grits got flavor from a hit of chicken stock, lemon grass, low fat mozzarella, onion and garlic.


     No cream, which is hard for me because that's what makes the grits creamy.   One thing I do to try to minimize the time I spend creating meals is to prepare several dishes ahead of time.  That way I can really focus on the ingredients I'm using instead of preparing something when I'm ravenous and tempted to use every fattening, luscious, ingredient I can find.   I also limit my trips to the grocery store. I try not to give in to my cravings though... this is my Achilles. And I've got to learn to stick to my exercise times -- no excuses. Lately, I''ve noticed some definition in my abdominal region. I do sit-ups off the side of the bed at night.


    Here's an admission. These sit-ups are really fun. However in the morning I feel like someone has used my gut as a punching bag. Still I press on. I can't wait to see what happens after several months of toning.   Meanwhile, if I had to think of a perfect body or an attainable perfect body for me I think hmm now that's hard. OK I want abs like Janet Jackson. I recently read about her diet and what she used to weigh and how much work she did to get back in shape. While I won't be as ripped as she, I think I can build my own version of super abs and hopefully, a super-bod.  For now, its one step at a time.    

Published On: February 19, 2010