Me and Umami

T. G. Bennett Health Guide
  • I have learned that I use food to mark special occasions, as a panacea for all things wrong in the world and, quite frankly -- just to have fun.   Here's the problem I have to revise years of conditioning.  We need to eat to live, and its that simple.  I didn't need to mark this weekend's special makeover with a high end cupcake -- but I did. Nor did I need the $10.00 hotel french fries (which were really good by the way.)


     I wish I had taken a pass on the big girl food and just enjoyed the professional massage, haircut and makeup and photo shoot which I received.  What is it about a day of beauty that made me feel like I needed to cap the evening off with a cupcake? I came out of the makeover feeling really strong, wonderful even thanks to celebrity stylist Christina Cyphers and Pantene products.  

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    But I wonder why after 8 hours of beauty treatments I reverted back to my old ways... comforting myself with junk food... reveling in high fat, sugary sweet, salt laden, fried yumminess.  Perhaps I ordered french fries and a cupcake because I hadn't eaten all day and they were quick and affordable.  That's part of it. But couldn't I have ordered soup or a side salad?  I do look better, overall most of the time I'm eating healthier, but there are times when I'm out on the town that eating well is super hard and super expensive.


    There's an old adage that good habits are developed by doing something over and over again until it becomes innate -- old hat. So I've got to keep going, and learn from my mistakes. The Spring is upon us which means I'll be doing a lot of outdoor cafe dining and visiting of farmers markets (staying away from the homemade bread offerings of course,) so now is the time to start getting into the practice of eating lean proteins, salads and whole grains when I visit restaurants.


    I haven't quite figured out how I will navigate bakeries but one deterrent is the severe heartburn (or GERD --Gastro-Esophageal  Reflux Disease) that I get after eating bread.   Fun for me has to be more about activities than a glass of wine and a big plate of homemade pasta. I love to hike -- I'll choose more trails instead of old familiar haunts. And my picnic baskets will be filled with more produce and fruit rather than cheese, wine and bread. 


    Joy for me has to be about experiencing life rather than salty, sweet, sour and umami (gotta love that umami.) Starting today, happiness will begin with the true essence of me instead of being a by product of umami.  

Published On: March 17, 2010