The Weight of Negative Energy

T. G. Bennett Health Guide
  • I wonder if there is a connection between fat, stress and negative energy. There has to be. Here's why: when I avoid people who, well who quite frankly have negative energy, I eat well.


    If for some reason, I cannot physically remove myself from a situation with such an individual or group I then resort to the Jedi Mind Trick and pretend I'm not there by getting lost in a newspaper, my laptop or the dreaded television. I'm not rude, I'm just not fully present.  


    For example: I think gossip is a waste of energy. If I hear it, I will not react, I just remove myself from the Twilight-like (vampire energy sucking) group. I figure if I do this enough times, someone will get the hint -- and stop. Unfortunately often times-- there's no such luck. And the perfect remedy of course then for me becomes eating an entire  pizza.  

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    In fact, just re-reading the first paragraph of this diatribe makes me hungry. Reconditioning is extremely hard. I wonder when, like Pavlov's dogs I will begin to automatically react to a stressor with exercise and healthy eating. I keep trying to flip that switch to make this change occur, however its happening slower than I would like. Unfortunately i'm still on manual, and it takes much effort not to go to Five Guys for french fries and the bacon wrapped hot-dog with onions.  


    One motivator I recently discovered purely by accident was a cache of You Tube videos featuring one woman who went from 190 to 145 pounds. Last weekend, I spent a couple of hours watching her videos (there are about 50) which chronicle her weight loss journey.


    While it is amazing to see the before and after videos, what I also noticed was that though this diet and excercise maven had surpassed her weight-loss goal, there were still videos where she was extremely sad about an unrequited love -- a failed relationship. 


    Apparently, someone had rejected her. I felt bad for her, not because the guy was a complete jerk but because she, newly svelte (always attractive even before with a few extra pounds,) couldn't see her own beauty. Why did this whip smart, attractive, creative person spend time on YouTube or in real life for that matter emotionally flagellating herself over someone who wasn't worthy of her time?  


    Which brings me to this revelation: the only people we can control is us. We cannot impose our beliefs, feelings, morality, folkways, mores on anyone else and expect them to behave the way we would.


    If I had a quarter for every-time I asked "Why would anyone do that?" I'd have Janet Jackson's trainer, a personal chef and gourmet low-cal meals delivered to my home for the rest of my entire life.  


    The real trick here I believe, is to stay the course (eat healthy and exercise) no matter what kind of tornado is threatening to rip the roof off.  So next time if someone happens to be particularly snarky, instead of popping a protiferole (yummy custard-filled pastry,) I'll just be glad that I'm not as insecure as they are and then I'll go grab my miso soup and read a few weight loss success stories. 


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    Though this sounds like a viable plan, today presents another weight loss speedbump.  Today is "Free Cone Day" at Ben and Jerry's.   Perhaps I'll go listen to my housemate rip someone and then go have a cone. Whoops, I meant grab some cantaloupe.  

Published On: March 31, 2010