New Year's Resolution Blogger: Diet To Go; Taking Your Diet On the Road

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  • Okay how do you manage to keep eating healthy when you're travelling or visiting people who don't necessarily embrace your new fit lifestyle? That's a hard question and one that I am currently facing. I don't necessarily feel like I've gained any weight but I feel guilty. Why? The plan that I so carefully laid has gone slightly awry - for the moment. For example, I normally eat fish but I recently had it fried - Oh my gosh what is this world coming to?  I refuse to fry chicken (truth is... I'm not very good at it so it's a good thing that I refuse because perhaps it wouldn't be very tasty) but I ate someone else's fried chicken. Drat. Fiddlesticks.

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    Two or three days worth of bad isn't enough to get me off track though, because quite frankly I like my big girl jeans falling off at the hip because they're too big (no I'm not making an urban fashion statement, I just need new jeans/genes - ahem, just kidding.)  


    Luckily, I'm travelling with Billy. Billy Blanks that is... and though I've been doing sets of crunches on my own, I really need to whip Billy out of the garment bag and let him whip my tush into shape.  Here's some motivation: I have an event coming up where I will see people (that I really have nothing in common with) I haven't seen in quite some time.    


    So, I will take my stress, work related and otherwise and let it melt away with the sweat. Here's another confession, my water intake was super-high about 12 glasses a day and now, I'm lucky if I get 3 glasses down not including sweet tea (yes with sugar because it's already sweetened.)  I know this is bad and I can tell just by the change in the way that I feel. Sugar for me is like riding the Grizzly rollercoaster at Kings Dominion amusement park.   One minute you're up and the next minute you're down - da-down-down-down.      


     It's like being with a guy you know you have no business dating.  Oh he's handsome, fun and things are sweet when you're together but once he's gone you feel like "why the heck did I go out with that guy?" yet you still want more. You can't help it. The sugar has got you and you need more.


    No longer are you ordering the green tea at Starbucks and smiling smugly, but because you've gone back to sugar you're ordering the big guns the high octane yummy Vanilla Latte with whole milk, and vanilla syrup and extra whip cream (I'm salivating just thinking about it.)


    Life is short, I used to tell myself when I ordered the gigantic latte. But what I didn't realize then that I do now is that I was making my quality of life much shorter by choosing the more decadent food option. Now I want better so I'm going to continue making better choices for myself. Instead of the full fat latte I'll compromise with an iced venti coffee of the day with Splenda (which I had recently and it was pretty satisfying.)


    While we're on the subject of Starbucks, during a recent visit I discovered something wonderful. I was feeling a bit bummed about avoiding the desert case with all of its tasty cakes, croissants, cookies and pies and then I asked on a whim if Starbucks had added any gluten-free items to its menu.  Surprisingly enough they've introduced Dr. Lucy's cookies (sugar and cinnamon cookies,) and I've tried both and  I can honestly say Dr. Lucy is my new best friend. Well, not really but her cookies are light, sweet, little pieces of heaven that dance upon your tongue.


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    Finally, I guess the only real way to keep eating healthy is to do just that. Just do it. If the pantry where you are doesn't suit your fancy, make a trip to the local grocer and fill your basket with things you love which are in your plan.

    There's nothing wrong with indulging a bit while you're on vacation, but answer this question before you do: "Would you rather suck down those hot cakes at breakfast or look hot in your tiny little black dress? You choose.                                   

Published On: May 07, 2010