New Year's Resolution Blogger: My Uncontrollable Carb Cravings

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  • I checked my email inbox and recently had a lovely email from Weight Watchers. How did they know I wondered... How did they know I was in the fight of my life trying to drop the lbs? When I opened the email with cautious curiosity I noticed that American Idol alum and Oscar award winning actress/songstress Jennifer Hudson is the new pitch woman for Weight Watchers.   "I can do this by myself" I said aloud. "And I'm telling you I'm not going [to Weight Watchers]" I don't need a plan, I thought.


    Don't get me wrong...Weight Watchers is wonderful, I've heard about and seen many success stories but really am I going to be counting points for the rest of my life? I have trouble balancing my checkbook do I really need more numbers. Egad.  

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    Which brings me to another revelation, one sugary drink, is apparently one too many for me. The blasted Sweet Tea (a southern mainstay) has got me all wiry, irritable and I suspect the sugar is to blame for my constant carb cravings. Here in the south, they sweeten the tea for you. What the? If I wanted sugar in my drink I'd ask for it... don't assume I want it because you put it in there you fake barristas!  


    Oh I could turn it down, "Excuse me ma'am step away from the sweet tea." I imagine the food police catching me in the act of contently sipping on the veranda of a southern biscuit joint.   Why is the region impacting my food choices so much? Its really getting to me. I even went so far as to say well if I eat a crunchy pork skin (ick) for a snack then surely I will avoid the carbs. Hey if Beyonce can eat fried skins then so can I. But then I wince. I'd really rather have a biscuit, with cheese... scratch that with sausage and cheese. Hurray! Just kidding.


     But I did have a couple of pieces of home-baked bread and yes I choked. (I have GERD which makes it really hard to swallow bread and I also get the worst indigestion on two continents.)   Duke University released a study on why we crave carbs. Researchers found that the cravings actually had to do with decreased levels of Serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is that hormone that makes you feel good. The hormone that gives us a general sense of well being.
    I wonder is my craving for carbs directly linked to sadness and irritability... While I don't feel overtly sad, I'm not my usual chipper self... okay then, I'll bite (not literally.)


    So according to Duke University researchers the  reason I want the chips is because the chips are down. The only way I know to fight the blues is to kick it with Billy Blanks and Tae Bo. Until then, I'm desperately fighting the urge to grab an unhealthy snack. 

Published On: May 11, 2010