New Year's Resolution Blogger: Hanging In There

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  • Oh the things folks ask of you. For the past month I've been in the South with my mother who is lets say a wee bit more forgetful and demanding than she should be. With health issues looming and my temporarily abandoning my real life to help with the family I've gained a few pounds.  


    As I've mentioned in other columns Food is my panacea for all things wrong with the world -- my world. I was overcoming and then I learned my mother's situation was pressing and needed my attention.


    Then, there was a college graduation for one relative, and an induction into a sports Hall of Fame for another and what followed were feasts. Really big feasts. So now my skinny jeans aren't so skinny anymore and I've got some excess cleave.  

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    I've noticed one thing in this whole re-work your body process, when weight returns if you've been working out -- it doesn't return from whence it left. Now, I've gone up at least a cup size. Not bad but I was hoping not to regain any of the poundage.   I'm not feeling particularly bad about this gain of a few pounds because I know I can get back on track. Now there's one other weapon I've employed since my stay in the South.  I take a photo of myself each day.   


     The only thing that has changed so far is my gleeful expression on the day I arrived to my now more morose expression of exhaustion and resignation. My mother is a lovely person. But she and my 90 year old Nana tag-teaming me is a bit of a mental workout.... more than I can handle to be exact.  Luckily I won't be here for much longer.  


    So lately to keep up with my own health plan,  I've been requesting (and getting) baked meats instead of fried (chicken, chops fish etc.) I'm eating more cabbage and salad and I'm now returning to my no-bread policy.  I'd really like to see the definition in my abs return -- pronto.  As for family events, they're not all bad, I met a family friend who has been around all my life but I don't remember ever meeting him. The good news is he's interesting, interested and kinda hot.  

Published On: May 28, 2010