New Year's Resolution Blogger: Getting Into a Healthy Routine Away From Home

T. G. Bennett Health Guide
  • So the past few columns I've written addressed the relationship between family dynamics and my increased food intake. Hence, I get a stressor and I grab the kettle corn. But now I'm feeling stronger. Much stronger and I've got to say its because I'm regaining charge of my health and steering myself in the right direction.


    For example, I declined a dinner out at the local all you can eat trough in this city in favor of my very own homemade lentil and split pea soup.  I loved it.  I experimented with lots of spices and vegetables and the experience made me remember that though I'm in the South, I am still a food writer and person on a mission to take charge of my health and lose weight.

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    Just because you're with family doesn't change your accomplishments even though family members would like to project their own views about what they believe you are.


    The reality is... I will forever be viewed as a pudgy 12 year old in my family. A person, regardless of personal and professional accomplishment, apparently who isn't supposed to know anything or have an opinion. I had trepidation about this visit and all of my fears have been realized. I've gained weight, and I'm more morose than my usual perky, ebullient, zen self.


    But here's the difference -- I recognize now I am in charge of my life. Anyone else's opinion well, quite frankly it just doesn't matter. I am not a victim and I choose not to blame anyone for my weight gain. Eating was my own personal response to whatever trigger I was facing whether it was a criticism lobbed my way or a rude comment hurled in my direction.


    This trip has taught me some very important lessons. Never ever give away your power. Never dull your shine so that you will be accepted. And most important of all don't eat the pain.


    This morning I took a walk after my morning oatmeal. I feel great. It doesn't really matter about my geographical location or the folkways, mores, dynamics and dysfunction of the place where I happen to be, I can still maintain a healthy sense of self and good physical, mental and spiritual health. In essence, we don't necessarily have to change back into insecure children we once were when we go back to our roots. We can however take our new improved selves, the new things we've learned along the way and incorporate them to enhance and enrich our familial relationships and history. 


Published On: June 15, 2010