New Year's Resolution Blogger: Getting Into A Diet Routine

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  • Ok so, I'm halfway through this weight loss/improve your life journey and I've gotten a second wind. Wherever it came from I'm not sure but I have been doing crunches like nobody's business. I once saw a segment on singer Beyonce Knowles' workout routine and well, if it's good enough for Beyonce, well darn it --it's good enough for me. 


    Lately along with my crunches, I've been doing this lay on your back scissor leg move which is aimed at strengthening the core. And after only a short time I'm seeing results. No six pack yet but I've definitely got defined abdominals which I can't ever remember having. "Not bad" I said to myself when I saw the photo I'd taken of my midsection. It didn't even look like me. 

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    Truth is, I had an epiphany. Everyone likes to win, I'm no different and though this is a lifestyle change and not a race I secretly have this desire to shutdown the naysayers. The family members who comment on everything I put into my mouth (even sugarless gum) while they down fried chicken and french fries nearly every day.


    Let them eat cake I say while I silently and covertly do my thousand crunches. Ok so its not quite a thousand but I am doing at least 1-hundred and that isn't bad. 


    By the way have you seen this "Situation" guy on Jersey Shore? I don't watch the show but the "Situation" with his ripped abs appears to be everywhere, just because of his physique. That's a pretty good trick --famous because of a six pack.


    While I'm not envious of the fame, I must admit I'm jealous of his abs. And no I don't want to look like a man but if he -- this seemingly ordinary guy from Jersey can be so tight physically... can it really be that hard?


    The short answer -- yes. Still despite all of the distractions, obligations and drama, I'm stealthily working diligently on getting my own "situation" in order.

Published On: June 30, 2010