New Year's Resolution Blogger: Adapting Your Exercise Routine to Your Environment

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    Everyone has a “Mojo” -- a superpower. This is a belief I standby. Now, whether or not you've mined or discovered your Mojo well that's a personal issue but we've all got something we're really good at. Having said that I am not really good at exercise. I don't like it, I never have and it’s really, really hot where I am and I've got a dilemma.


    How am I supposed to do the one exercise I really like (hiking, walking) if it’s hot as Hades outside? Hmmm... so I've had to make some adjustments, changes if you will.


    One thing is for sure. You won't find me huffing and puffing, while getting all crispy outside like bacon in a hot cast-iron skillet. I'm not saying I'm a delicate girly-girl, but good grief. So I made a fitness adjustment.

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    I am working the heck out of my abs. I'm obsessed with abs. I'm working them every which way.  And at the same time I'm trying to tighten up my glutes and legs with squats which seem to isolate these muscles quite nicely.


    Though I abhor exercise, I will not let this continue to be my kryptonite. The motivation is simple: If you "Want a tight... body" then you must submit to your exercise regimen. And that is finally what I am doing. It’s torture.


    However I have this trick -- I think of the fat as an enemy and it makes me do several more of whatever exercise move I'm doing because I can't let the fat win.


    After a short while I noticed another superpower -- my body became a shape-shifter. The core got tighter, I'm noticing great calf muscles and my thighs haven't looked this firm since high school.


    If I happen to fall off the beat the fat back track I notice the fat going to other areas of my body -- like my Décolletage.


    I've accepted that as a food writer and lover of good food, I will always have a sample here and there of things that aren't great for me -- however I can now use the tools I've learned to maintain my progress to a hotter body and healthier living.



Published On: July 15, 2010