New Year's Resolution Blogger: Getting Healthy and Older

T. G. Bennett Health Guide
  • 91. My grandmother turned 91 last week. Does this mean my lifespan will be at least that long. Its important to note here that my grandfather (Pa-Pa) just missed his 90th birthday by three days. He had Alzheimer's.    


     So there's a really good chance that barred any major health related problems or unforeseen disasters, I'll probably live a really long time. Now having said this -- I know though they, my grandmother and grandfather, didn't run any marathons or participate in a vegan lifestyle, yet they were still really fit and thin.    


    I'm not sure what happened between generations but I didn't exactly inherit those genes. And my career as a writer isn't very physical... so I have to put in some work-- a lot of work to get my body where it needs to be.   Luckily lately I've been using exercise as a way to cope with stress. For example if someone in my life goes off the rails and says something out of line...I'll silently (depending on the situation and who the person is) say kiss-it and work on my butt (glutes.)  

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    If they need to be told out loud then I do that and still work on my butt. I've got to tell you this -- it feels wonderful. Very freeing. Exhilarating even.   Now I have this thing I do when an ex-boyfriend frustrates me.  I think of something stupid he did or said and then I do 100 crunches and I say "Ha!"


     When I do a really good crunch Ha sounds more guttural  --- like "HAW!"  It makes me feel super-powerful.   But seriously, back to my grandmother -- she's still driving, shopping, paying her own bills and socializing generally living a really good life.  This makes me really hopeful that I'm headed for the same quality or even a more enhanced quality of life with all that I'm now learning about how to live a healthier, passionate and compassionate existence. Ha!

Published On: July 20, 2010