New Year's Resolution Blogger: Crunching My Way To Success

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  • I recently learned that when I'm faced with a circumstance which cannot be immediately changed I can use my wits to chip away at the boulder bit by bit until the path is cleared.


    In my case the obstacle is the burden of extra pounds. We're not talking about a lot of weight. I'm a size 12. But I know I can be more fit with less poundage. I've made a promise to myself -- this time the extra weight is giong away forever. No more swinging up and down like a carnival game. I'm going to kill-it, beat it down and destroy this burden (the weight) forever.


    My struggle with weight reminds me of the Langston Huges Poem "I Too  Sing America."

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    I'll be at the table
    When company comes.
    Nobody'll dare
    Say to me,
    "Eat in the kitchen,"

    They'll see how beautiful I am
    And be ashamed--

    I, too, am America.


     The poem is about Hughes struggle with racism. Some postulate that overweight people are discriminated as well.


    I'm certainly not saying that I feel discriminated against because I'm a size 12 -- a big boned girl as some say. But I do feel pressure with all of the images of size zero waifs in the media.

    Let's just face it. Some of this size 12 is genetic and some of it is years of eating high fat calorie laden yumminess. I've just got to deal with it and make changes as I see fit.


    Meanwhile, every day I do a little something. Most days I do a lot. While I don't want to admidt it readily because I absolutely abhor exercise I feel so much better, so much stronger physically, emotionally and spiritually.


    Today I make a decision to do a different kind of crunching -- one that leads to a six pack not a crunchy snack that tastes great with a six pack.

Published On: July 28, 2010