New Year's Resolution Blogger: Stress Eating, Ugh!

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  • Ok so I've got a bit of a mini-confession. My family drives me bananas so I grabbed the bread pudding to compensate. I know I should be exercising but sometimes its just better and quicker for the moment to grab the yummy, raisin laden, creamy, sweet intensley satisfying bread pudding dessert made by my grandmother.


    I know its just down right irresponsible. I get it. I've gained a few pounds as well. Yikes. But here's a plus: because I've been doing the crunches the extra pounds have redistributed themselves and my tummy is still toned. Its my arms that need work. A lot of work.


    Isn't there some operation that takes care of bat wings? Just kidding. But there is a plastic surgery procedure that sucks all of the fat from the arms. That's got to be pretty painful. I'm going to tackle this problem the old fasion way. With cans.

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    Don't laugh. I've learned in the past that free weights have the ability to make me look like The Hulk. Not a good look by any means. So during my down time I grab a couple of cans of peas or beans whatever happens to be in the pantry and I lift away. I'll let you know how it goes.


    Meanwhile, you're probably wondering what's going on in my life that caused the bread pudding debacle. Two word: forgetfulness and denial. My mother's inability to remember and the other family members denial that this is really as big a deal as I think it is. It's catastrophic.


    My biggest fear is that I will return to the Washington area and then one day visit my mom in the South again and she won't remember me. I know we're in the early stages of this forgetfulness but this is a real fear for me.


    And if I haven't mentioned this before --this entire situation caught me off guard. I'm used to being responsible for myself. I'm not a mother yet and save for a brief marriage, for years my chief concern was me. Blame it on my generation -- Generation X.


    No one ever told me not to drain my 401k plan and go to Europe. I bought fully into the philosophy of doing work that made me happy and then the returns would come.  And the benefits of writing are so numerous that I have not room to list them here.


    However, I had not planned on my mom's illness and since she and I didn't really discuss finances ever -- I didn't know that I was supposed to have this super-emergency plan in place (side-note I'm an only child and my father is deceased.)


    So right now, I'm trying to figure out clumsily I might add (and with resistance from other family members ) the best course of action to take care of my mom.


    There's good news in all of this mire: We're getting really close. Though I have to repeat my stores much of the time -- my mother and I spend much of our time together laughing. Its ironic -- this is perhaps what could be the saddest time of our lives however we're laughing together.  


    So pardon me if I choose to have a little bread pudding with my green tea, this weight loss thing is neither all or nothing for me -- its a journey and a trip that I'm glad for now that my mother is able to share with me.

Published On: August 09, 2010