New Year's Resolution Blogger: A New Zen View

T. G. Bennett Health Guide
  • As I mentioned before my weight swings up and down and this column is an attempt to get my weight under control permanently.  After some thought I'm taking a fresh approach. I am in control. No one else.  I'm not giving up my power -- if I gain a pound its because I was responsible for eating whatever made me gain weight.


    At this stage in life I can no longer whine about how stress makes me eat. While stress is a very real trigger, I always have the opportunity to choose the right food path.


    For example if someone says something that sends my blood pressure soaring -- I can a)  remove myself from the situation, b) address the issue and then search for a solution or c) do a yoga pose.

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    Yoga pose. Isn't that funny? Perhaps much of the world's conflict could be solved if people did the downward dog.


    Wouldn't it be fabulous if the President of the United States did yoga before he made any important decision?  Just a thought. Still, as for my family situation (an ailing parent) maybe the immediate problem would be diffused by me taking a deep cleansing breath and a good long stretch.


    Because of her condition and poor memory, my mother often says the same thing over and over again. Its sort of like a real life "Groundhog Day" in our house.


    Which is to say that everyday feels like the same ole day -- over and over again. But what can you do? Well, there's two things I've been doing Yoga poses and crunches -- Crunchy Yoga is what I like to call it. 


    Keeping active during stressful times helps to keep me centered and strong. Next one thing that is also helping me (even though I've recently gained a few pounds back) is always eating breakfast.


    A fiber rich cereal with almonds is the key to getting my metabolism revved-up and helping me to kick start my day -- The groundhog day. But now because I'm paying attention to my health I'm starting off my day on top instead of in the hole.

Published On: August 11, 2010