New Year's Resolution Blogger: Back to Normal?

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  • I'm getting prepared to leave the South and go back to the District of Columbia. So after having been indoctrinated into the Eastern Carolinian culture (fried food, biscuits and preserves,) I'm wondering am I a Carolinian or am I a Washingtonian?


    This is a huge arguement in my family. Here's why: Born a Carolinian (by accident, my mother was visiting her mother in North Carolina and I was born) but never raised in NC, I've been going back and forth between places for years.


    I spent my summers and holiday's in the South, while the school year was spent in Maryland. I did this until I was old enough to say no more to North Carolina. Oh don't blame Carolina. I'm a progressive, and voicing an opinion in a strict God fearing, bible-thumping household isn't exactly appreciated.

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    Oh I'm no heathen... I'm just quieter about my faith. And try though I might not to judge I am human and I occasionally fall short fo my goal to live a completely nonjudgemental existence.


    How does all of this fit into my weightloss and health goals? I'll tell ya. This trip has been helpful because I've learned to recognize emotional triggers that cause me to down an entire bag of chips. Its no one's fault, but its a pattern that I now feel strong enough to break.


    I also learned that my opinion and views are valid even in a family environment. I reject that we should just swallow our views and not speak up in the face of injustice. I'm glad that all of my experiences to date -- having friends of different social and ethnic backgrounds have caused me to I believe have a broader view.



    I'm also pleased that I do not occupy myself with the way other's look and I remove myself from the conversation when others attempt to judge a person on the basis of physical appearance.


    Perhaps everyone has something they would like to change about themselves, something that they're insecure about. Right now, my "To Do" list is so full of things that I want to change, need to do, have to accomplish that I cannot take stock of someone elses flaws.


    However if there is someone with super duper abs -- I want to know how they did that so I can follow. FinallyI also want to say "I can" like Jennifer Hudson and her recent weight loss via Weight Watchers.  This is how I will occupy my time, trying to grow personally, and attempting to hone my craft and secure my goals -- especially my fitness goals. 


Published On: November 29, 2010