New Year's Resolution Blogger: Shocked Into Reality

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  • Now, if you've been following my column you know I've recently moved back to "The City" from "The South."  Well, lets just say its been eventful. I'd gained a considerable amount of weight and even my a-line skirts were fitting snug... that is until I decided to live in the hinterland and commute to "The City."


    I mean really. I didn't have this thing all thought out because if I did I would have made some different choices. Like getting up at the crack of dawn to get to a fulltime writing position when you haven't done that in eons is an eye opener. Ok like the job -- the commute, um not so much.

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    Alas, you get used to it. And i've got to say kudos to the newsroom manager who had the wonderful idea to let me telecommute on days when I didn't have a shoot or an event. My new supervisor is calm and cool like wonderwoman and really fit. A former member of the military I hope I can learn some structure and discipline and most of all to be fit.  In fact, when I look around my new work environment most people there are fit.


    I wonder what they know that I do not. Really though I don't even know close to a quarter of what I need to know about being really fit and creating boundaries and handling stressful situations without grabing a $5.00 cupcake, I believe this new work environment can help me structure the new me.


    The new me is still the same old nice me, but with a new sherrif mentality. Which is to say step back to the nonsense, the Bolshevick (bs) and the utterly ridiculous. 

    Here's something nice about being my age -- everything, the whole sha-bang my entire life from this point is up to me.  I'm someone's daughter and someone's grandaughter, niece and friend, but I have to do what is right and what is best for me.


    What is best for me right now is peace of mind and strength of body. My early commute requires a long walk -- that's ok in the short time I've been walking my endurance has built up. And... I carry so many things (laptop, large purse) that i'm even building muscle mass.


    Now for the lesson: I thinik when you have doubts about something it means stop and think about alternatives. Upon my move back to "The City" I had some trepedation about a living situation and my intuition believe it or not served me right -- but me being the eternal optimist thought better of the nagging doubts and went forward anyway.


    Here's what I've learned: I have learned that I am far from perfect but when my inner me  (what is that called anyway the id or the superego -- I forget, anyhow) whispers something is awry -- listen.  Don't just listen but trust yourself.  Now I've also learned that I am far stronger than I give myself credit for. I am resiliant and excited about life and using whatever talents and gifts I have to contribute something to the world.  

    Better yet, even after falling off the fitness bandwagon, who would have thought a little adversity would help me get back on the horse, rev up my metabolism and drop pounds faster than ever before.

Published On: November 16, 2010