New Year's Resolution Blogger: Rebounding Slowly

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  • Ok so as you might imagine, I'm back again on the weightloss bandwagon. But here's the good news. I'm doing pretty well even without putting a lot of effort into the process. Here's why -- I'm heck-a-busy with work. I've been a writer for a very very long time and I don't quite ever remember (even with deadly deadline pressure in a television newsroom) working quite so hard! I'm shooting, writing and putting the paper together. Egad! What has this world come to -- I'm a one man band!


    Alas, I'm not complaining I'm getting stronger, sharpening my skills beyond belief and I've got health insurance in a recession. Not bad.

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    Not to mention the long walks to and from work. Well, riding the subway and the long walk to and from the subway that is.

    Well, its Thanksgiving day, just about one year ago I embarked on this quest to drop 40 pounds and keep it off and let me just say its not easy. For me whatevevr might be happening personally in my life sends me right to the starbucks for a scone and a gigantic vanilla latte. Now, mind you scones and lattes aren't exactly whats on the breakfast of champions but like an inconsolable child seeking a bottle of milk, I when stressed crave lattes and scones.

    Ok now back to the weight loss piece of this: It's Thanksgiving so I'm giving myself the day off and eating what I want but I now have the food police monitoring what I put into my mouth.  Here's why: At my job-job (that's a writing job you do for fulltime pay and benefits) I am working on a fitness story.  So while seeking out an expert to find out how to eat carbs and still lose weight I've run into a trainer who wants to train me. Name: Cole. Goal: wreck my life. No just kidding, but everytime I'm in the foodcourt it appears that he's got some nutrition advice. "C'mon man I just want to eat these fries. Don't they count as a meal? " I say with resignation.


    This particular trainer recently had a client lose 60 pounds in a year. Sounds pretty good. 60 pounds and I'd be in Jennifer Lopez shape. Well, not really but my personal version of a JLO body.


    I'm going to try it.  I'll let you know how everything goes. But first, I'll eat drink celebrate and be thankful.

    Happy Thanksgiving all!


    T.G. Bennett

Published On: December 02, 2010