New Year's Resolution Blogger: Year In Review

T. G. Bennett Health Guide

    By Tracey Gold Bennett

    Today I was given a yet another prescription for GERD. As I stood in the line to fill the prescription I thought, you know I'd really rather have sushi. I got out of line and decided to get the sushi and fill my prescription for Omeprazole tonight at the local Wally World which really isn't close to where I live but I'll save 6 bucks.


    Gerd got the best of me during my stay in the South. There's one important thing I learned there. Southern food is like that comforting best friend you have who you know is going to stab you in the back one day.  Which is to say you like the fried chicken (yet you secretly remain suspicious) still you know that one day when you weigh yourself the fried chicken will have turned into a million tiny fat cells all sticking to your butt, arms and tummy. Like something on your shoe you just can't get rid of them no matter how hard you try.

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    So, on future trips South, I'll just bring rations of my own food . It's the only way a person can survive in the fat as he** jungle. Truthfully, I have issues living in a place where it's perfectly fine to be really big.  Why such issues with my birthplace - the place where I spent my summers noshing on many a biscuit laden with homemade pear preserves? Because I have little or no motivation and because I'm constantly measuring myself against the mainstream and in the Bizarro Southern universe bigger is apparently better.


    Biscuits and gravy for breakfast?  Great.   Have some more cheese with your eggs , biscuits and super  greasy sausage links... Why not I say and while I'm at it - SUPERSIZE please!


    For me this is no longer acceptable.  I've got to consider my quality of life, my own happiness and my health.


    While we're on the subject of future trips... it's holiday time -- time for me to return to the South to visit my family. I'm a little bit terrified. I managed to drop a few pounds in the three months I've been in the Nation's Capital and I've been walking quite a lot.


    What happens if I revert and gain weight eating the Christmas morning cheese biscuits, eggs, hominy grits and crispy full fat pork bacon? I know, I just won't drink the juice. I'll have water. Truth be told I've heard that it's the little changes we make over a period of time that make a difference in the amount of weight lost.


    For instance, I used to go to Starbucks every day and have a gigantic iced vanilla latte with full fat milk and whipped cream.  There are a significant number of calories from the vanilla syrup, whipped cream, milk and the sugar I added.  The drink, though sinfully delicious also packs a wallop on the wallet.


    So in these recession times I still have my daily Starbucks run but I've traded my latte for a misto (pronounced MEE-STO).  It's a couple of bucks cheaper and still very European and the difference in taste is minimal.  You begin by asking for the venti coffee of the day, add skim milk (or whole if you choose) and a shot of vanilla syrup (sugar free if you  like)  and presto  -- a bargain latte with half the calories - the only thing missing is the espresso (caffeine jolt) which means you'll get to sleep sooner than you would with the latte.


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    I know now over the course of this year losing weight - then gaining it back again - now losing once more that I have to do everything in moderation. I cannot eliminate the things that I love because I wouldn't be living authentically. In fact food is a part of me, the taste the texture the satisfaction one gets from enjoying a good meal - so I cannot deny myself - I won't do it.


    What I will do is make substitutions (like Misto instead of Latte) and exercise. I feel more powerful when I exercise and I really like that. Recently an old flame saw me and said I looked better than I did when we dated.  Hmm. Perhaps I'm doing something right after all.


Published On: January 10, 2011