New Year's Resolution Blogger: Blown Out Hair, P90x and Skinny Skinnettes

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  • Ok so I went to an Army Vs. Navy Game viewing party at the U.S. Navy Memorial.  Can I tell you this party was a hoot and a holler, (Navy whipped Army,) but for someone trying to lose weight it was both demoralizing and dangerous.


    How can a fun event be demoralizing? One word or in this case two: Redskins Cheerleaders.   They're super-fit and super thin. Here I was, walking around with my newly straightened hair and I was feeling good until I ran into a group of these seemingly bio-engineered super-fit Redskinettes.


    What the?  Has anyone seen those uniforms?  There's no room for fatness not an ounce of it and looking at these cheerleaders who were ebullient, effervescent even with their blown out hair I wondered what it was like to never have to worry about your weight.  Did I mention even the Jim Beam girl was a size zero? Walking around with her tray of Jim Beam shots - I'm not fooled, she must not drinking any Jim Beam.

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    So I worked up the courage to ask them the Skinnettes about an issue of which I have struggled with my entire life - weight.  Oddly the Redskinette that I talked with had the same moniker as myself --Tracey. She even spelled it the same. But we're different vastly -she with her blond hair and size zero and I with my newly blown out hairdo, size 12 and a slice of pizza in my hand.


    "So, how do you maintain your weight?" I asked and took a bite of the pizza and sip of my Jim Beam (just kidding.)


    "What do you eat, nothing?" I smiled sheepishly hoping that she'd say her diet consisted of lemon water and cayenne pepper ala Beyonce Knowles.

    "It's all in moderation." She told me. " I try to eat whole wheat pasta, whole grain bread, potatoes with no oil (only salt and spray butter for flavor.)


    "Hmm."  I offered stunned and amazed, while secretly thinking how in the world does this size zero, perfectly coiffed, tanned person with concave abs eat  anything of substance and maintain that figure?

    "P 90 X helps" she then said.


    She must have been reading my mind or perhaps I looked confused. Did I say that out loud?


    "My brother had a weight problem and then he did the P90x routine and lost a significant amount of weight pretty fast," the new fitter Tracey said.

    So there it was, the real secret . Could it be the holy grail even? This P-90 x video routine must be the answer, because a Redskinnette said it and so it must be true.  But I hadn't seen it on Oprah, so how could P90x be the answer to all of our weight problems. 

    There was only one thing left to do - research. I turned to You Tube.  There is an entire community of tubers who have joined the P90x revolution. There must be something to this.  So I made a resolution.


    In 2011, I'm trying something new. P90x. Wonder if the P90x boys will send a recession conscious new year's blogger sample P90x gratis - the bootleg video guy doesn't have that one. Just kidding, I'd never buy a bootleg video from the hip hop-esque hawker at the beauty school where I get my hair straightened.  Hey bootleg girl, stop selling those videos! Now I've done my due diligence. Meanwhile, I'm going to the library to find out if I can check out P90x and try it out for a couple of weeks. I'll let you know how it goes.



Published On: January 21, 2011