Examining My Relationship between Food and Fitness

T. G. Bennett Health Guide
  • Thursday morning during rush hour I was on the train the doors were about to close and I saw a blind woman, cane in hand run for a catch the train before the doors shut.


    I thought to myself, I am fully sighted and I would have just let the train pull away. What is it about me that is not as physically motivated as I should be?  Is this genetic, is it learned behavior or was I socialized to prefer the slow walk to the hard run, to want to be driven instead of drive in traffic, to prefer to order groceries online and have them delivered rather than feel my own lettuces between my fingers.

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    Well, full disclosure my Recession Proof Living now mandates that I get my own groceries so that doesn't really count now does it?  Shout out to Wegmans!  Got to love that place. Hey, Whole Foods, I've got a new boyfriend and his name is Wegmans.


    For an entire week before I actually went to Wegmans (tonight by the way) I was calling Wegman's Wagshals. I'm not a New Yorker folks (original home of Wegmans.)


    In fact, the Wegmans in Prince George's County Maryland has to be the best thing in the entire county - and that's saying something. I used to maintain that the Fitness and Learning Complex with its world class gymnastics facility,  field house, fitness center, learning center, and aquatics center was the best thing about the county but now I know different.


    Wegmans,  I call it Super-Weg for short has every imaginable, cheese, gourmet delicacy, fancy fruit, designer vegetable and protein imaginable.  It would be a great place for a date - but I don't need a date because Wegmans  is my my new guy.  He makes me so very happy, I secretly feel like telling the Whole Foods Market I'm seeing other stores. It's not  you Whole Foods its me. Let me just try hanging out with Wegmans for a while, I'll be back, I just need a mini-break. No hard feelings.


    Just that diatribe alone is the reason why I have had a lifelong struggle with weight.  I really think about food.  I marvel about things like roasted red pepper hummus.  Tonight I saw crabmeat stuffed Portobello mushrooms at Wegmans being made right in front of my eyes. It just doesn't get any better than that folks.


    Unless you count the Tres Leche cake I scored on Christmas Day at the Latin Market. It was sinful. My goal this year is to find a way to eat in moderation, to use better fats to cook with like olive oil instead of my old fave butter.   So this year I promise no one but myself to get as fit as possible and to finally maintain it. I have no one to blame now if I fall of the fit bandwagon --- no one to blame but myself so I choose consciously to not only spoil myself with healthy food but to eat and exercise being mindful  of my overall wellbeing.

Published On: January 15, 2011