New Year's Resolution Blogger: Food Update -- High End Snacks and Housesitting

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  • So I kind of fell of the healthy wagon. Good news is... I didn't gain any weight and my clothes are actually fitting more loosely and the only thing I can attribute this "That's Incredible" phenomanon to is stress.

    I'm writing, managing a newspaper, editing, shooting and my hair is getting really frizzy from all of this activity.  Recession you know.

    Alas, so I agreed to house-sit for a rather cute pup and the pup's mom had the greatest snacks, high end dark chocolate truffles, really good mango smoothies, cheese and summer sausage.

    I felt like a teenager at a slumber party. For three days I've lived on smoothies, truffles, sausage and cheese. My GERD (acid reflux) is about to kill me but I'm happy.

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    Remember my grandmother who I made preserves with from pears we picked from a neighbors tree, the one who was constantly on me about my weight? She had a heart attack -- but she's fine now thanks to 3 stents.

    When things happen like that it really puts things into perspective. Its almost like time stops. My first thought was selfish -- "I'm not ready for this," I thought. I was too scared to call and or to even pick up my phone when someone called me.

    Just the thought about what I would do without someone who has been there all of my life and is responsible in part for who I am, how I think, my overall being -- I simply am not ready for anything to happen to her.

    Needless to say for now she's fine I hear she's even back in her kitchen. She's 91 by the way.

    I loved her cooking so much growing up that when I became a television producer for the local news station I used her Thanksgiving recipes for the segment featuring a celebrity chef. He slipped and said that they were my grandmother's recipes live on television and the mail came rolling in asking the news staff if we wouldn't send those recipes for stuffing, sweet potato pie and roasted turkey to the viewers.

    I got so tired of sending off those recipes. I couldn't even answer all the mail!

    But there's one thing that my grandmother's illness has taught me -- to live in the moment, and never sweat the smalls stuff.

    Meanwhile, I've also learned not to take my own health for granted and I should have learned to lay off the cheese.

    I'll begin anew with the fitness next week. This week cheese gave me comfort in the midst of chaos.

Published On: March 08, 2011