Plain like Yogurt: A Sideline Observation

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  • I've recenty been really busy at work, I'm working on another book but haven't really had the time to devote to that project fully because I'm perpetually in motion.  My writing at work -- that's what I do, seems to have eclipsed my writing books -- that's not really a great thing because I usually write one book per year and now I'm behind. Recession. That's what I attribute the lack of a completed mansucript to -- the bad economy. Thank's lawmakers, Wall Street, whomever you are that caused me to change my focus from creativity to money matters.


    I should have learned that lesson long ago -- money really does matter, I think. Here's why, apparently while I was busy immersed in my freelance and book writing many people were laser focused on the tanking economy.   How did I miss that?

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    Now, I'm having to re-adjust.  Food costs more -- eating healthfully costs a heck of a lot more, everthing costs more.


    In that vein, I've been recently making some bad food choices for budget's sake.

    For example, on an outing yesterday, instead of having healthy Shrimp Noodle Dumpling soup from my favorite Chinese restaurant in Chinatown -- or is it Verizon town now that the Verizon Center dominates the area? -- I ate a double-fish sandwich at McDonalds. And french fries -- let's not forget the fries -- sans ketchup of course (saving calories and sugar). 


    I ate about a million calories, but heres my rationale -- the soup would have cost ten bucks -- or at least before the recession it cost ten dlolllars.  The mega fish and fries only cost seven bucks. 


    See, while I saved three dollars, I consumed one billion calories. Why didn't I have the single fish instead of the double? -- it made better sense financially (only a few cents difference) and why because the fish sandwich is really super tasty. I haven't had one in a year folks, give me a break.  It's a recession for goodness sakes.


    Meanwhile, I think I ate the fatty food because I was ruminating on an observation an acquaintance made of my "look." She said I look --plain. As in plain like yogurt.  I'm thinking -- I look J. Crew esque and she lets call her "Molly" ascribes my solid colors to plain. "You should look as successful as you are."


    I wanted to say what the? but I did not.  I like my look.  I like me. And I think I've reached the age where the yogurt observation has little or no impact on me.

    I do accept the fact that for my health a size 12 is not good for me. Though I look  perfectly fine (everyone could use a lalala Louis Lacari makeover courtesy of Hoda K. and Kathi Lee) but my primary focus is getting fit and healthy -- then maybe I'll reward myself with a little makeover -- I will still buy J. crew and perhaps even still be plain but like yogurt, I'll be plain and healthy.

Published On: March 14, 2011