New Year's Resolution Blogger: Origami, Overall Well-being and Kind Words

T. G. Bennett Health Guide
  • Today I was running behind schedule on the way into work. I worried whether I’d make my 8 a.m. editorial meeting and then I noticed young man who was very edgy, hip and urban standing on the subway calmly fashioning a beautiful white origami bird. I was struck by the contrast. Clad in leather jacket and black jeans, disheveled hair and ebony skin, how this person, so methodical in his folding of the paper, indifferent to the sights, sounds and chaos which surrounded him, created a thing of beauty in the minutes it took to ride from the Stadium Army to the Eastern Market stop. I was awestruck. Then an older woman, with nary a wrinkle and only a few strands of gray, stepped on the car and sat down by me. I usually like to sit by myself, but in town where seat space is limited and overcrowding prevalent, I willingly moved over to accommodate the woman. She napped for a bit but when I tapped her to let her know my stop was near, she engaged me in a brief conversation. “Well it’s Friday,” she said and smiled. “Yup. Sure is,” I replied. “This will be a good day,” she said emphatically. “Sure hope so.” I said worried about the impending meeting. “Every day is a good day and you should find something good in each day,” she told me. Then I thought about it. She was absolutely right. I was worried about being one or two minutes late, almost to the point of irritation, concerned over sharing my seat and I was completely ignoring the big picture. Despite everything that is happening in my life – overall life is really good. Like the man with the bird, unconcerned with the white noise that buzzed about him, he remained placid and created a thing of beauty. And the woman who had time to put me at ease with her kind words. I wondered where had I gotten off track. I’m usually very Zen, happy -- so happy and content even in these tough economic times, I wondered where that girl went and how long ago she left the building.

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    I remembered, the key to my overall wellbeing and fitness is how I manage stress. Apparently I haven’t been doing a very good job because though I’m more muscular, I’ve noticed that the clothes that were loose, perhaps aren’t so loose anymore. And though I’m happy that Jennifer Hudson has dropped a million pounds, seeing her ads boasting her new svelte figure are a reminder. Take care of yourself. Even in the midst of it all. I recently interviewed a military Chaplain who put things into perspective for me. She reminded me to remain grateful even when things are tough, to be generous and kind at all times. So now that I am aware, I make a conscious choice to be better, to do better, to eat better, remember to exercise and honor the gifts that God gave me and to share what I have, even if it’s a kind word --- one never knows how positive actions could impact someone’s day – like mine was turned around today.

Published On: March 23, 2011