New Year's Resolution Blogger: Falling Off the Food Truck

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  • So I'm facing a big life changing --finally grow up and be an adult decision. And because I'm having some trepidation about said decision, I fell off the proverbial food truck this weekend. Remember, my food issues are linked to my emotions and level of stress ala Oprah Winfrey.


    Now, here's what I did, er.. ate. I decided that I would nest and I went to Eastern Market to get lump crabmeat and wound up with a hand basket that included strawberry cupcakes and heavy bread. What the heck is heavy bread you ask?

    Its bread pudding and heavy is exactly what it is... and it should be called fat girl bread because that's exactly what you'll get to be if you consume too many of these bricks of gooey, raisin laden stale bread turned into golden delicacies.

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    Now here's the backstory: I've got southern roots. My mother who was raised in the South -- I was born there and spent my summers there and a good bit of my professional career -- alas I digress, but my mother was embedded in North Carolina through her childhood and teen years.


    Everyday at lunchtime the kids at her school would head over to the "heavy bread" lady and pay her five cents for a whopping chunk of bread pudding. That was lunch. Pretty filling then as it is now.


    Well, for some reason back then my mom wasn't great with money and by the time lunchtime rolled around for some reason she didn't have her heavy bread money so she turned to her brother Jim. Lets call him Jimbro for short. Heretofore he's Jimbro. Well, Jimbro was apparently better at handling money than my mom as he is now and as a little boy he had a job at a country grocery store. Peanut is what they called him because he could barely see over the counter and he boasted a slight build.


    Well as the story goes, my mom asked Jimbro for the five cents it took so that she too could enjoy a piece of heavy bread for lunch. Long story short, Jimbro said no! That was 60 years ago and things haven't changed much.


    So in honor of my Southern Roots, and to comfort my angst about making a huge life changing committment, I not only ate the Eastern Market heavy bread, but decided that it was a good idea for me to make a high end version with a bag of fresh croissants as the base.  The recipe calls for stale bread -- like french bread but I needed to feel extra special so I chose croissants.


    Then I made crabcakes, then I went to Wegmans and had lump crab california rolls the next day.


    I'm still on the precipice of making my decision, and I already know what the answer will be, I'm so excited if I could only just revel in the excitement and put the fork down.


    I'll do better next week. I'll walk a little more, and spoil myself with something else besides heavy bread, lest I become the fatbread girl.  In the meantime, I raise my spoon filled with croissant bread pudding in the air and say here's to ya Jimbro! Were it not for you, perhaps I wouldn't be eating this fantastic puddin' or writing this delicious column.

Published On: March 24, 2011