My New Life Begins Today!

T. G. Bennett Health Guide
  • I wish there were a big red button I could press to make time stand still. As I'm sitting here gazing at the sleeping dog, the holiday tree that needs to be dismantled and sipping hot chocolate,I admit have some trepidation about the year ahead.

    2010 good grief. Resolutions -- more grief. This year I've decided to do things a little differently. I'm writing, journaling, chronicling if you will, my resolutions so I have no other choice but to stick with them or risk the wrath of neighbors, friends and family who will surely rib me for the rest of my entire life about the promises left unfulfilled.

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    So here it goes folks: I will finally achieve and stick to my fitness goals. That means I will fall in love with the exercise and find a routine that I can embrace.

    I will eat well (hopefully at whole foods but with this recession I'm not entirely certain about that...alas I digress,)

    I'm not only going to be trading in my size 12 wardrobe but I'm going to get to size 8 and stay there this time not for a nanosecond.

    Next for my mental health, I'm getting rid of the Energy bloodsuckers. The Frenemies, exes, alleged kin that you wouldn't otherwise know except for sharing some common errant gene.

    Get my overall health in order. That means giving GERD Gastro-Esophageal Reflux disease the ole heave-ho once and for all. I might have to give up beer and spicy foods (how I'm going to do that I'm not exactly sure.)

    Now I commit to treating people well and requiring the same and in the meantime giving myself the best life ever! Ready, set -- the rest of my life, my new and improved life begins ... today.

Published On: December 31, 2009