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Sara Editor
  • Keep at it!


    As the holiday season descends upon us (Starbucks has rolled out their holiday cups--we know it's coming), do not let your exercise regiment slip! Most of us thinking of the holidays in tandem with too much food, too much family, a mile-long to-do list and copious amounts of egg nog and stress. In the midst of all this, who has time to worry about walking those 30 minutes in the morning, or hitting the gym thrice per week? But I am here to tell you that this is the LAST time of year you want to skimp on your exercise routine.


    Consider this simple equation:


    Exercise=Endorphins. Endorphins=Happiness/Zen. Happiness/Zen=Not launching your 20 lb. roasted turkey at your family members' skull.

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    I know it's hard to "find the time" to work out; but you somehow "find the time" to watch Oprah/The Real Housewives of {insert slightly trashy metropolitan city}, go holiday shopping for everyone but yourself and work through lunch. This isn't about "finding time," it's about making time and setting priorities. I promise you, your sanity and your family members' skulls will thank you!


    **Share some of your secrets to making time for your cardiovascular health for our community in the comments section of this post**


    BE WELL!


Published On: November 06, 2009