The worst advice I have EVER heard

Sara Editor
  • I fully and unapologetically admit to consuming trashy celebrity gossip from time to time. Let me make clear that I don't have a subscription to US Weekly, do not have Perez Hilton's blog as my homepage and will not under any circumstances attempt to understand anything having to do with John, Kate or their plus eight.

    That being said, I stumbled across an interview that Kate Moss recently gave to WWD. In the interview she identifies one of her mottos as: "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels."


    I've heard this before and brushed it off; but when I heard it this time, coming out of a celebrity's mouth in a very high-profile way, I thought to myself, "well, isn't that the phrase the launched a thousand eating disorders."

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    As someone who has struggled with eating disorders, I can tell you that "Kate Moss-skinny" does not feel good. Kate Moss-Skinny feels weak, sick, and most of all HUNGRY.


    Skinny is not what you want. In fact, skinny is the same problem as being fat. Both are equally unhealthy and dangerous to your short- and long-term health. So let's take this horrid advice, turn it on its head and make it into something good.

    It's not about being skinny, and it is not about malnourishment; it's about achieving a state of real health within yourself that allows you to live the life you want the way that you want. Health and wellbeing is about moderation and treating your body and yourself with the respect it deserves.


    So go for a run, eat and apple, make a really delicious new recipe with someone you love, and sure, on occasion, take a wander down the ice cream isle of the grocery store. Treat your body well and it will reward you. The weight will take care of itself.


Published On: November 17, 2009