Introducing MyDietandExercise's New Year's Resolution Bloggers

Sara Editor
  • December 31st, 2009. Tonight we will ring in the New Year with hope, optimism and a strengthened resolve to make 2010 OUR YEAR! We'll wake up tomorrow morning, and skip off to the gym with a spring in our step ready to feel the burn.


    Fast Forward 30 days...the gym bag is untouched in a closet, the candy bars and sodas are re-stocked, and your muscles haven't felt the sweet burn of a good run in...oh...let's not talk about how long.


    Well, at MyDietandExercise, we're saying: Not this year, baby!


    Meet HealthCentral's New Year's Resolution Bloggers T.G. Bennet and BreeJoy. These two fabulous ladies have committed to keeping and blogging about their New Year's resolutions throughout all of 2010 on

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    Follow their stories, become inspired, write a story of your own on MyDietandExercise, but whatever you do: MAKE 2010 YOUR YEAR!


    Good luck and Happy New Year everyone!


Published On: December 31, 2009