Does Dried Fruit Count?

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  • Can dried fruit be substituted for fresh fruit to get your five-a-day?

    Dried fruit provides the same nutrients as fresh fruit, but in smaller amounts. However, you should use caution when eating dried fruit products because they are very calorie dense. The drying process removes all the water, which gives fruit its bulk, but leaves all the sugar. Because dried fruit is smaller, it’s easy to over consumer and it is generally not recommended for people who are trying to lose weight.

    Just for reference, a handful of raisins has as many calories as pound of grapes. One cup of grapes provides 60 calories while 1 cup of raisins provides a whopping 495 calories! Similarly, 1 cup of fresh apricot halves provides 74 calories while 1 cup of dried apricot halves will set you back 213 calories.
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    How do I know if my child is overweight and if I should put her on a diet?

    A doctor is the best person to determine if your child is overweight. If you suspect that your child has a weight problem, you should first consult your physician. Your child’s healthy weight range will be determined based on her height. Determining a child’s weight status can be difficult because a child’s future growth is unpredictable. But your physician will consider age and previous growth pattern when assessing your child’s healthy weight range.

    Because children are impressionable, many experts recommend that parent’s do not make their child’s weight a focus. It is also important that your child know that she is loved and appreciated no matter what her size. It is also not generally recommended that you put a child on a calorie-restricted diet for weight loss. Children have high nutrition needs for growth and development Instead focus on maintaining your child’s current weight and then let her grow into her weight.

    Is stir-frying in oil the same as deep frying?

    Both stir-frying and deep frying in oil add fat to your meat and/or vegetables. However the amount of fat added is not the same. When you stir-fry, the food is not immersed in the oil and therefore there isn’t as much fat absorbed as there is when you deep fry. Baking, roasting and poaching are healthier cooking options because they do not add fat to the food item. Of the two stir-frying is the healthier option and can be made even healthier by using a non-fat cooking spray instead of oil.

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Published On: November 09, 2006