Weighing In: How Can I Get Rid of My Hearty Holiday Appetite?

Heather Reese Health Guide
  • Question: I seem to have a bigger appetite since the holidays, is there anything I can do about this?

    It is common to feel hungrier than normal after a period of higher caloric intake. This can be especially true after the holidays when you have been eating a lot of high-fat and high sugar foods that are common eating “triggers”. Even though you feel like you should eat – you probably aren’t really hungry. At times like this, it is especially important to think before you eat and take the time to differentiate between being hungry and wanting to eat.

    To determine whether you are hungry take a quick inventory of your body. Is your stomach grumbling? Do you have other signs of hunger? Consider when you last ate – if it’s only been an hour or so than you probably aren’t hungry. If you determine that you want to eat but aren’t actually hungry, try to refocus your attention onto something else or drink a large glass of water and let the urge to eat pass.
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Published On: January 08, 2007