Weighing In: Is my baby getting nutrients?

Heather Reese Health Guide
  • Question: I am expecting my first child and in my first trimester. I am suffering from really bad morning sickness. Since many healthy foods make me nauseous, I’m worried that I’m not getting the nutrition that I need for my baby to grow.

    Heather Reese: Many expectant mothers suffer from nausea during the first trimester. The good news is that the nausea usually subsides as the pregnancy progresses. If your nausea and vomiting are completely preventing you from eating and drinking or resulting in a weight loss you should speak with your physician immediately. Right now, you should focus on getting calories in. If you are only able to eat less nutritious things like fried foods or ice cream than go ahead and eat them. Eat any foods that you can tolerate right now so that you can meet both yours and your baby’s calorie needs. Once the nausea and vomiting subside you can focus on nutrition.
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    To help alleviate your symptoms try to prevent your stomach from getting empty – a build up of gastric juices can cause nausea. Keep crackers with you at all times and try to nibble on them throughout the day. You may also want to keep them by your bedside so that you can eat them during the night and first thing in the morning.
Published On: January 24, 2007