The World’s Healthiest Meal?: A HealthCentral Explainer

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    Most of us have tried to incorporate more healthful options into our day-to-day eating, adding more fruits, vegetables, “good” oils, and lean meats.


    But scientists with the independent research company Leatherhead Food Research have taken this a step further by cooking up what they are calling “the world’s healthiest meal.”


    The idea was hatched in the mind of Leatherhead CEO Dr. Paul Berryman’s mind while he was flying back from a conference in Geneva. Berryman had spent the conference talking to other scientists about some 4,000 food health claims made by supermarkets and food manufacturers in an attempt to entice consumers to buy their products.

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    Sifting these claims down to the 222 food health claims approved by the European Union, Berryman decided to take up the challenge of incorporating all of these approved health claims into a single full-course airline meal.


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    What IS the world’s healthiest meal?


    According to ABC News, the result was the following meal:  “A fresh and smoked salmon terrine, a mixed salad with extra virgin olive oil dressing, a high-fiber multigrain roll and a chicken lentil casserole. For dessert, a yogurt custard, paired with spring water and a cranberry, raspberry and elderflower sports drink to wash it down.”


    What makes the meal so healthy?

    Among its many reported benefits, this single meal can provide docosahexaenoic acid and Omega 3 fatty acids for artery and heart health, vitamins to improve skin health and cholesterol levels, fiber for digestive health, protein for muscle development, pantothenic acid to reduce tiredness and improve mental performance, and antioxidants that suppress the growth of cancers.


    Leatherhead researchers also suggested healthy snacks, including a 30 g pack of walnuts and a cranberry-raspberry-elderberry electrolyte sports drink. They also recommended a mixed berry meal replacement shake for people who are on a diet.


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    Can I make this at home?

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that Leatherhead researchers are ready to release the actual recipe for this meal so you can’t try the exact dish out at home.  But the staff at has supplied close approximations to the Leatherhead recipes here.  And if the meal doesn’t sound appealing, fear not.  According to Everyday Health’s Maureen Namkoong:  “"We can get more creative than this. Several different meals can achieve these kinds of goals."


    What do You Think?

    If you were designing the world’s healthiest meal, what would you choose? Let us know in the comments!





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Published On: July 02, 2012