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Lisa Gulley

How to Squeeze More Exercise into a Busy Day

On days when you just do not have time for an “official” workout, you can steal time from other activities and sneak in a little bit of fitness.     Here are some ideas that help me squeeze more activity into my day:   1.  Laundry squats: This one is pretty basic. As you load that machine, do your squats. I... Read moreChevron
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Dorian Martin

Dorian Martin, Health Guide


Research on Health Benefits of Probiotics Just Emerging

I enjoyed my morning yogurt with some fresh seasonal berries. But are the advertising claims about probiotics being great for us true? The answer is maybe.   First of all, let’s identify what we’re talking about. Probiotics are live bacteria that resemble or are the same as microorganisms found naturally in the human body. The... Read moreChevron
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esanderson, Editor

Erica is passionate about healthy living, traveling, and journalism.

7 Juices to Keep You Healthy All Week [INFOGRAPHIC]

With the dog days of summer in full swing, treat yourself to a cold and refreshing homemade juice. We’ve got a different recipe for every day of the week tailored for your body’s specific needs. Feel revitalized and ready-to-go (energy), boost your immune system (immunity), purge toxins to recharge (detox), fuel up after a workout... Read moreChevron
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Alisha Bridges

Alisha Bridges, Health Guide

Just a girl trying to defeat psoriasis.

Parents With Kids Who Have Psoriasis: How You Can Help

Having psoriasis on over 90-percent of my body as a child was very awkward, it was hard to explain and difficult to accept. How could I explain a disease that I hardly knew myself? From what I can remember, at seven years old the first diagnoses wasn't difficult, I wouldn't learn until much later how much my disease would affect me from a day to... Read moreChevron
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Carmen Roberts, RD.

Carmen Roberts, RD., Health Pro

Registered Dietitian

How to Prepare Quick Family-Friendly Meals

One thing I hear from parents on a daily basis is that every family is pressed for time. Between work and after-school activities, time to make healthy meals for your family seems virtually impossible.  Here are a few tips I give to busy parents who are trying to make healthy cooking a priority.   Plan Ahead It only takes a few hours... Read moreChevron
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