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Lisa Gulley

6 tips to get started with a running program

Ready to start a running program but not sure where to start?  Here are a few tips to get you on your way! 

1.  Find the time:  If you have time to be on Facebook, Instagram, or reading this article, you have time to start a running plan! Just take 10-15 minutes out of your day to dedicate to your plan and you are on... Read moreChevron

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Carmen Roberts, RD.

Carmen Roberts, RD., Health Pro

Registered Dietitian

15 Ways to Naturally Sweeten Your Foods

Sugar intake has been linked to weight gain as well as a wide range of diseases, including type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The Read moreChevron

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Dorian Martin

Dorian Martin, Health Guide

Alzheimer's Caregiver

Why Whole Grains are an Important Part of a Clean Diet

I was talking to a friend about the various types of diets that are being espoused these days when she asked me, “What do you think about the move to eliminate grains from one’s diet?” I tend to shy away from edicts that call for the elimination of one entire food group from a person’s... Read moreChevron

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tatapanamanana, Community Member


Squats several times a day

I want to build my glutes and legs, so I started doing squats a few days ago, but I hate the feeling of pain that I get, so I was thinking: If I divide the total of repetition throughout the day, for example 30 repetitions every 3 hours, would that still work for my objectives?

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