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Dorian Martin

Dorian Martin, Health Guide


Shouldering the Burden of Maintaining Your Ability to Lift and Reach

As a kid, our family always joked about my shoulders. In elementary school, one of the requirements in physical education was climbing a rope. I could never do it. I admitted at the time that I was a wimp. I was a bit better by junior high when gym class offered a segment on tennis. I got to be pretty good, developing a great one-hand backhand... Read moreChevron
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Tracy Davenport, Ph.D.

Tracy Davenport, Ph.D., Health Guide

Author and parent and expert on the impact of disease on families

Avoiding Depression after an Injury

An athlete can experience a wide range of emotions following an injury. Depressed mood is one of the most common emotions felt among athletes after they have been hurt. Some estimate that over half of athletes who are injured suffer at least mild depression (Leddy et al., 1994). The severity of the depression an athlete experiences can vary... Read moreChevron
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scgv90, Community Member


Will Cycling on A Stationary Bike Build My Thigh Muscles?

So, first off, my personal aesthetic is a slim one, so I don't want all that much muscle. I used to run but was always contending with runner's knee. Then I switched to walking, but, for the amount of time I have to walk to burn significant calories, I get overuse pains. So, if I bike for about an hour on very low resistance, will I build muscle,... Read moreChevron
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HealthGal, Health Guide

Health and lifestyle journalist;Physician Assistant;HealthCoach;Nutritionist

This Diet Feeds Hunger and Tames Cravings

Here’s the challenge when it comes to losing weight – you need to find a diet that satisfies hunger and that also can help to control cravings.  So it would seem intuitive that once you understand the two goals, you should be able to consult with a professional to create such a diet.  Unfortunately, food trends, bizarre... Read moreChevron
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Institute for Better Bone Health

Institute for Better Bone Health, Community Member

A physicians group composed of America's top orthopedic doctors, formed to elevate bone health.

A Fresh Look at the Health Benefits of Prunes

Dried plums/ prunes may be an asset to your bones and one of the best additions to your diet. A research study published in the British Journal of Nutrition this month shows that eating California Dried Plums can slow bone loss naturally.   Researchers used data collected from a previous 12-month clinical trial that compared the... Read moreChevron
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