Tuesday, September 02, 2014

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HealthGal, Health Guide

Health and lifestyle journalist;Physician Assistant;HealthCoach;Nutritionist

Your Child’s School Lunch –Superstar or Fails the Grade?

There’s been a sweeping effort by the government, led by Michelle Obama, to improve kid’s eating habits.  Vending machine snacks, drinks sold on school premises, and school lunches have all been targeted for a healthy makeover.  But, what about habits in the home?  Specifically, do you make the grade when it comes to the... Read moreChevron
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David Mendosa

David Mendosa, Health Guide

Medical Journalist Living with Diabetes and Author of Fitness and Photography for Fun, www.mendosa.com/fitnessblog

A Diet for Managing the Most Common Condition of Diabetes

Almost all of us who have diabetes have to deal with other medical problems too. But none of these conditions affects more of us than obesity and the problems that come with it.   More than 85 percent of adults with diabetes were overweight in the U.S. government’s Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. And 54.8... Read moreChevron
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Dorian Martin

Dorian Martin, Health Guide


Study of Oldest Old Offers Tips on Healthy Aging for Menopausal Women

Last night I had a chance to catch up on a “60 Minutes” segment that I hadn’t seen before. In it, correspondent Lesley Stahl reported on a group of people in a retirement community near Los Angeles, California who have lived to at least the age of 90. This group of people is part of what is described as “the oldest... Read moreChevron
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Christina Lasich, MD

Christina Lasich, MD, Health Pro

Specialist in Pain Management and Spine Rehabilitation

Fitness in Focus: The Balance Challenge

Everyone is programmed to survive. We have a “fight or flight” instinct that is capable of extraordinary feats of death-defiance. We also have a primal instinct to maintain balance because falling down is not a good option when running from a lion. Capitalizing on the basic reflexes that maintain balance is an excellent way to tone... Read moreChevron
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PJ Hamel

PJ Hamel, Health Guide

Author, breast cancer survivor

How to Beat Exercise Block: 5 Tips for Boomers

Exercise. Exercise. EXERCISE. It’s all you hear these days, isn’t it? But as we get older – and seem to lose energy as quickly as we gain weight – exercise becomes more a guilt-inducing word than part of a healthy lifestyle. Here are five tips for getting past the “I hate exercise” barrier.   Do you like... Read moreChevron
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