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David Mendosa

David Mendosa, Health Guide

Medical Journalist Living with Diabetes and Author of Fitness and Photography for Fun,

Three or Four Types of Snacks for People with Diabetes

A new snack food is now available that is healthy and low carb as well as being tasty. It mets all the criteria that people with diabetes need to consider when we put something in our mouths.


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My Bariatric Life

My Bariatric Life, Health Guide

I grew from fit to fat and became a processed food junkie and couch potato with diabetes, celiac disease, depression, acid reflux, asthma, and hypertension. I was in my 30s, morbidly obese and on ~10 prescription medications. Since 2003 I've maintained massive weight loss from gastric bypass surgery and remain free from 9 of the 10 prescriptions. Then in 2013 I underwent body contouring and facial plastic surgeries to remove the last traces of my former obesity. Nowadays I am committed to supporting the online patient community with outstanding resources and by sharing my long-term success in defeating obesity and obesity-related illnesses. Today, I'm a size small (down from a size 24W) and living larger than ever!

Store-Bought Smoothies are Junk Food; Try this Power Smoothie Recipe from Borne App├ętit

Try this Power Smoothie Recipe from Borne Appétit (Paleo, Dairy-free) 

Talk about a sweet tooth! We eat and drink 22 teaspoons... Read moreChevron

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HealthGal, Health Guide

Health and lifestyle journalist;Physician Assistant;HealthCoach;Nutritionist

Can a Fat Policeman Protect You?

Policemen save lives……every day.  Back in July of this year I covered the obesity crisis hitting our local firefighters, professionals who also save lives every day.  Clearly, a... Read moreChevron

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Lisa Gulley

How to Pull Yourself Out of a Workout Rut

Stuck in a workout rut?  Try these 5 tips to help get you moving again!


1. Change your workout venue:  If you are a gym rat, take your workouts outside for a nice change of pace. Take up hiking or running and notice how the fresh air breathes new life into your workout. If you are someone who... Read moreChevron

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Dorian Martin

Dorian Martin, Health Guide


More Funding Needed to Explore Women's Health Issues

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of publicity aimed at women to warn them about the symptoms they might experience if they’re having a heart attack. Those symptoms differ tremendously from the signs that men feel when their heart is under siege. So why didn’t we know this before? It’s because early research often focused... Read moreChevron

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