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Tuesday, May 06, 2008 medicine, Community Member, asks

Q: i am gaining weight despite my food intake did not increase.

i am a 23 year old lady, married since 9 months. my weight before i get married was 48 kg and my height is 156, my weight is 53 kg and i do not know why? although my diet is almost the same as before (before marriage i did not take breakfast usually, i ate lunch every day and dinner most of the week). now i eat breakfast 5 days per week, lunch 4 days per week and dinner everynight. regarding my activities, i am a medical student and i go to hospital 5 days per week from 6 am to 4 pm and when i return back to home i study and sometimes clean my appartment and i go shopping or whatsoever.

please, can you tell me what is wrong with me?

just to know that my appetite did not change and i do not have any sign or symptom of hypothyroidism.

best regards..

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Kenn Kihiu, Health Guide
5/10/08 12:27pm

Hi Medicine,

There was a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine that discovered that people who started keeping a food journal and wrote down everything they ate realized that they had been underestimating their calorie consumption by an average of 1,053 calories a day which is a lot.  I would start by calculating your ideal number of calories Click here to use the calorie calculator to estimate the number of daily calories your body needs to lose weight and start keep track of the number of calories you are consuming.  You might be eating healthy, just more of it. Also make sure you are not eating too late at night. I also did not see any mention of exercise, you will be a better student by exercising regularly 30 mins is all you need, it helps with memory, clarity and creativity. All the best with your studies.


Kenn Kihiu

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del, Community Member
11/11/08 11:36pm

Are you under considerable stress as a student? If so have your cortisol levels checked.

I excercise 4 hours a day and diet between 1200-1400 calories a day and have gained 13 lbs since starting this routine. My cortisol is unusually high blocking thyroid function and causing me to gain weight.

Sarah, Community Member
1/23/09 9:52am

A month ago, I went traveling around Egypt, being on the go, we ate a lot of unhealthy oily food.

Then I started having bowel problems, and i instantly gain 3kg, thus i went on a detox, for a week or less, and it helped with my constipation, but not my weight,Now, I watch what I eat, but, I substitute my chocolate/ snacks with oranges. Yet, a few days ago, I had water retention. So I limit one small orange per day, for breakfast, and kept others the same.


im cutting my portions, and be very stict on my diet.

With this, I do yoga and pilates everyday, alternating them with cardio. But, from day to day, wehn i look in the mirror, my face is getting chubbier, and the jeans tighter, not muscles, im getting a tummy and love handles. What have I done wrong?

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