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Q: Hi,anyone heared Hergic slimming pills?

Hi,anyone heared Hergic slimming pills? my friends recommended to me and she said it is very effective and safe, more experience plz.

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amy, Community Member
5/30/09 6:09am

I bought hergic pills from ebay and its crazy, the first day i had little appetite and in the supermarket i looked at the chocolate and left it which for me is just strange! (I think this might have happened last time but since they were new to me at the time i dont think i really paid attention) So yeah, in conclusion, these pills really worked for me! Give them a try to anyone who might be readin this! Hopefully like me youll really notice within 2 weeks, but dont keep checkin your weight because if you keep looking you might not see yourself as gettin thinner when you are. For me honestly, one day i was sittin on a chair and i glanced at my thighs and thought, oh my god, theyre so much thinner! So that was a great unexpected surprise especially since i was so worried about exams plus not going to the gym and stuff!

Kathryn, Community Member
6/28/09 5:54pm


Diamond3187, Community Member
2/10/10 4:27pm

Thanks for cutting and pasting MY review for 2 day diet from amazon... Makes me wonder if any of these reviews are real now!

Kathryn, Community Member
6/28/09 5:55pm


charl, Community Member
3/31/11 9:41am

when u took the Hergic capsules did u diet at the same time ....

Nurse, Community Member
9/15/09 5:06am

Hi there, i recently tried hergic and can i just say to anyone thinking of taking it... DONT!

If you want to loose alot of weight by starving the body then fine.. go ahead and take as the tablets do work and totally suppress the appetite.

But whats the point in being skinny and ill.

I spent all last night crying myself to sleep, drinking water ever few minutes. They make you soooo thirsty you cant sleep and drys you mouth out real bad. Also due to the content of them, they leave you buzzing... so much so you cant sleep and if you do.. you wake up every half hour. the body needs sleep!!!!

I took it for a few days but gave up due to exhaustion.

Its just not worth it. Plus when you stop taking the tabs, you'll put all the weight back on plus more! As a nurse i honestly recommend ----->the best way to loose weight..... Go a run first thing in the morning, have cereal for breakfast, soup for lunch, do some sit-ups in the afternoon, enjoy a healthy evening meal, drink lots of water to fill you up, eat plenty of fruit and get plenty of sleep. Its the right way. plus you'll feel good about yourself knowing its your own achievement Laughing


Laura x

kimiko, Community Member
12/ 8/09 10:36am

r u kdding me? last time i took lida was with the original formula and what you describing as bad i loved! i slept 5 hours and felt like i had slept for first time in my life! my guess is that its metabolism crazyness that makes you so energetic! it helped me stay focused and performed better while working out...i was being stupid and took red bul + one of those energy bars before working (physical work) and for 3-4 hours after that i was unstopable! i em interested r these having any negative effects on the body such as damaging the liver or anything like that...

Suzie, Community Member
3/18/10 7:08pm

I was at a stand still with my diet but took these for 3 days and lost 2 lb . I must admit after 5 days I was waking at 5 am and not able to get back to sleep so I stopped taking them for 2 days and then started again for anova 5 days. I would not recommend taking them 7 days a week, I still manage to lose weight by missing the odd day. My sister in law takes about 3 a week and is losing weight where she too had actually started to put weight on with her diet !! it gave her a good boost.

I do drink up to 2 litres of water a day BUT not because of the should always drink water when dieting anyway it helps flush out the fat !

It has not suppressed my apetite but then I was never a MASSIVE food eater ! and to top it all this is my 3rd month of NOT smoking ! and I am still losing weight !

They were recommended to me by a friend who last year lost a stone and a half. Once I reach my target weight I am thinking I might just take ONE pill a week and hope it keeps the weight at bay ??

Slimming capsule, Community Member
5/31/10 3:06pm

Hello to all here, as my English is not so good as it should be i will try to write correctely. 


Here in Europe i have sometimes used Reductil 15mg Capsules from ABBOTT with prescription of doctor, in USA the Name is Meridia i think. But selling of this Capsules containing SIBUTRAMINE has been stopped in Europe due to some mortality. 

So i ordered Hergic at ebay. The only postitive effect for me is to have endless power to work. But i think inside Hergic there are ingedients, they are much more stronger than in regular products from the pharmacy even with prescription. 


My sleep is very bad since i take Hergic and blood pressure rised to 136/83. Before it was about 105/80 ,,,


So i will try them 1 - 2 days again and then maybe decide to stop them. 


Please let me know if some of you have the same problems. 

Ash_da_gal, Community Member
8/ 5/10 7:45am

Hi guys,


I have been on and off hergic for over a year and a half now - all the "side effects" i.e. sleeplessness and being thirsty are true...

the problem is - even though it works wonders and no doubt helps u loose wait - once u stop the weight comes back on - with some extra on top - trust me!

well im back on them once again - from today since it seems like the easiest way to lose a stone in a couple of weeks!!! I've done it plenty of times before and hoping to do it again - but as i said earlier u put it all back on once u stop :(


I was wondering if anyone managed to keep it off? I like the idea of cutting down to a tab or 2 per week once I've reached my goal!! I will try doing that once I've lost the weight and see whether 1 or 2 tablets a week will help me keep it off...


will keep u posted :) x

shelley, Community Member
5/18/12 5:10am

i have been taking hergic for about 8 months and i have had no side effects and lost about 2.5 stone.  it works for me and i really do not feel hungry i also dont pick at food in the evening

i have loads of energy but this may be too do with the fact i have lost so much weight

i also combined the tablets with exercise (because thats what i have always done) but just love the fact that i dont have to try and not eat as much, my whole apperite has reduced and that is what i had always wanted to do



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