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Saturday, May 24, 2008 Ath, Community Member, asks

Q: how can i reduce my breast size by exercise?

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mittxe, Community Member
5/25/08 2:24pm

I never found a way to reduce my breast size in any way.  It's like once they were there, they were there to stay.  But I know that you can strengthen the muscles that support the breasts and make them more perky and less saggy.  Often that gives one enough confidence to not worry about the side, but instead be proud of the shape.

scottsdalerene, Community Member
5/24/08 7:44pm

You can reduce your breast size by increasing your cardio routine and include weighted workouts as well in your weekly routine.  Eating clean & healthy will help you achieve results quicker. I have personally found this to be true. It does not happen overnight however if you are consistant in your workouts and eat clean (no fried foods, alcohol, & eat smaller portions) you could see a decrease within a few months.  Books that have helped me:

Tosca Reno - The Eat-Clean Diet 

Dr. Peter J.D'Adamo - Eating Right 4 Your Type. 


Best Wishes,



brenda, Community Member
6/23/08 3:15am

you can Reduce ur big bOObs by exercisiNG everdAy nd

have a balance diet..alsO doNt eat fried fOOds like beef,checken,pork etc...

tortolsious, Community Member
11/ 4/09 7:40am

I do this everyday and  have a slimmed down from 82kg to 69kg but unfortunately i still have almost the same breast size. I'm unsure of what to do now.. :( I'm a male, 17-years old, 181cm height, current weight 69kg

Neurosis, Community Member
7/24/08 11:56am

Because breasts are made up mainly of fat tissue (I also have naturally huge breasts lol) it helps to diet and doing chest exercises (pushups, declined dumbell flyes, pec deck butterflies, dips, etc). When you begin to lose the fat (by dieting) a lot of women report their breasts being the first spot on their body to lose the weight. I hope this helps!

Zoe, Community Member
3/15/09 7:46pm

To reduce the size of your breasts by exercise, you run for at least 30 minutes a day. It doesn't have to be fast pace or anything, but you need to be active to get your heart going. You will see results if you stick to your routine and have a healthy balanced diet. Try to stay away from fatty, greasy, and oily foods. Sugars too. Low in carbs, and high in protein. Protein will give you the fullness for your body, so you will not have snacks all the time.

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