• Kathy Kathy
    March 06, 2010
    Why is leg leg going numb when stepping or walking for fitness?
    Kathy Kathy
    March 06, 2010

    I'm right handed and have noticed that when doing stepping or walking my left leg from the calf to the complete foot go numb is it because my posture or balance is off?



  • Christina Lasich, MD
    Health Pro
    March 09, 2010
    Christina Lasich, MD
    Health Pro
    March 09, 2010

    Your posture in your spine could be poor and tending to be too extended. More likely that you are not holding your pelvis in a proper position, tipped to far forward (anterior pelvic rotation). The alignment of the pelvis greatly influences the low back posture. A physical therapist can help you improve your walking posture and balance.


    In regards to the leg numbness, because it is only on one side, a nerve irritation originating in the low back is most likely. The lumbar nerves are very sensitive to the standing/walking posture because that is the position that places the most stress on these nerves. These extension biased positions lead to leg pain in people who have spinal stenosis for example. If the problem persists, you should see your doctor and have your nerves examined.


    Dr. Christina Lasich, MD




  • bamonster April 09, 2010
    April 09, 2010

    sometime fatiuge set in and you feel like a burning to numb sensations,thats latic acid building in the mucle and all so one leg may be stronger than the other one and so it doing most of the work.,and thats why you feel that to also.

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