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Friday, October 03, 2008 whitecat, Community Member, asks

Q: How many calories needs a 17 years old girl to maintain her weight?

I am a 17 years old girl and I have 1,78m. All my childhood I was very fat. I lost weight and now I want to maintain it, although I know I am too thin (approx. 50kg), but I like this way. How many calories should I eat? Somebody told me that I need 2000-2200 calories/day, but I think it's too much. I don't want to gain weight back. I wonder, 1700 calories are ok? Thanks. Have a nice day! Smile

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The HealthGal, Health Guide
10/ 3/08 4:31pm

You know it really depends on your level of physical activity and your metabolism.  I'd say that for most people, maintenance is achieved on 1500-1800 calories daily if inactive, closer to 1800-2000 calories daily if you are moderately to significantly active (exercising most days for about 30-60 minutes).


Remember that the quality of the food you choose is also important for health so make sure you are aware of your salt, fat and sugar intake, especially if you eat alot of processed foods.

youngmomof2, Community Member
10/ 3/08 6:32pm

I eat 1600 calories a day with exercise and im losing weight, so i say if you want to maintain without alot of exercise 1600-1800 calories. Every body is different, but also be careful and eat what you normally eat and don't go to crazy on the junk food. sometimes is ok, but if you can exercise everyday and keep health and looking good for the rest of your life that wud be best.


thats so good to know, you lost all your weight. im still in the works 60 pounds gone, 60 to go! woo hoo.

sillyscarborough, Community Member
8/11/10 5:37pm

You know I am not a diet professional in any way, but somehow I think any young teens looking to exercise, diet and lose weight properly should talk to their Doctor about proper choices.


I worry about the increasing amount of young people who are worried about weight gain. It is not unusual for an adult woman to be in the range of 130 to 145 pounds. If you are grossly under 100 pounds, that is the weight of a child.


I only mention these things because I have two teenage daughters, one very thin, and the other a full bodied woman size. Being a full bodied woman is fine, you are beautiful!


Lastly, ask your Doctor to find you a dietician. Be healthy, be proud of who you are, enjoy your food, and try to stay active!


take care of yourself.

Concerned parent. 

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