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Sunday, May 11, 2008 JoAnna, Community Member, asks

Q: Is is bad for you to work out twice in one day?

I am a single mom of two children, and am working two jobs.  In between both work schedules and running my children, the only time I have seems to be in the morning.  But on that rare occasion of evening time ( and when I have the energy ) I would like to work out with weights.  I have an elliptical machine, and a bowflex , and it seems to just collect dust because I have no energy.  So I have heard that if you have a workout in the morning you seem to have more energy all day?  I would like to run about a mile in the morning, then use my elliptical then my bowflex for weights in the evenings.  I could not do this on a day to day basis, because of kid's schedules in the evenings. But if I could, is that bad for you??  Also controversy on what is best for you, aerobics and then weight lifting or weights first, and then aerobics?  Or is it ok to switch around from time to time??  Thank you.

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nhamel, Editor
10/10/08 9:52am

Hello JoAnna,


It isn't bad for you typically, however there are exceptions. If you are an otherwise healthy individual and you want to do a little aerobic in the mornings and anaerobic in the evenings then you should expect nothing but benefits. Everyones limit to working out is different but your body will tell you what yours is. Plenty of people will work out for three or more hours in a day and be all the more healthy because of it. Many professional athletes will work out 6 hours a day (3 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon). If you have the energy, splitting up your work out (in any order you choose) is fine. typically the aerobic/anaerobic debate is referring to doing one right after the other...


I hope this was helpful.

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