• birdman birdman
    July 04, 2008
    im 50 50 lbs over weight man i need help
    birdman birdman
    July 04, 2008

    im 50 years old in august grew up on a farm in maine worked hard for years and was in great shape till i got in a car accicdent when i was 36 split my brain stem and had a stroke because of being unable to hardly move i got way over weight. i now have diabetic 2 and just quit smoking about a week ago. i need a diet that will work for life i need help with how to excerise( i have a treadmill weight mechine and rowing mechine. at this poit about all i can do is walk about a mile HELP were do i go from here i want to loose 2-3 lbs a week anyone have a good program thanks so much




  • FruitCrazedR25 February 14, 2009
    February 14, 2009

    I got over weight by a similiar way. I grew up on a farm, but I was always in and out of hospitals. Then stopped being and got better,  and I was able to eat. I'm still in the process of loosing those hard to get off pounds. Recently, I just noticed I dropped a size. (I'm a round 180 was almost to 200, but it looked worse). I am now down to a medium size shirt. What I do...1) I don't diet. 2) A vast majority of my meals are laden down with fruit (I hate veggies except corn and peas.) 3) I occassionally indulge in pizza till my stomach wants to burst. (Then I don't eat any for a month or so.) I still drink coffee. I do have a Vitamix blender which helps a lot. Cause I drink a blended pitcher of juice almost every other day in one afternoon. But I only buy store bought stuffs about once or twice a way, and I stay away from places that make me want to do nothing but nibble. My parents office makes me just want to eat non-stop, but my room I never really eat in it.  I know this is probably a really old post, but I'm reading it today. I hope this helps another person who is reading it today. Thanks, hope you try a vitamix they're really worth the investment. (Not a seller just a fan.)Cool


  • Uday July 21, 2008
    July 21, 2008


    First let me Congragulate you for having taken a decision of quitting smoking.Keep away from it now;)


    As far as diet is concerened have small meals at regular interval.Walk for 45 minutes a day with average speed of 6-6.5 km/hr.Drink lot of water.Eat lots of salads.Do some weight training (3Days in a week).Practice some breathing exercises like yoga.I am sure you will start loosing extar weight.


    All the best.




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