Cooking Tools and Calculators

Get healthy recipes, shopping lists, and tips for safe and fun cooking. Learn the nutrition facts for your favorite foods so you can eat a more balanced diet.

Cooking Tools

  • salmon meal
    Menu Planner
    Choose from thousands of recipes to put together healthy and delicious meals based on your dietary needs!
  • woman shopping
    Pantry Stocker
    A well-stocked pantry helps you stay on track with healthy eating. Use our checklist at the store to make sure you have all the basics.
  • Food Analyzer
    Keep track of the carbs, fat and protein that you eat and compare different types of food to make the best choices when you're at the grocery store.
  • Turkey Weight and Cooking Time Caculator
    Find out how big your turkey should be, and then calculate the total cooking time you will need.
  • steak
    Cook it Safe!
    Learn how to safely cook different types and cuts of meat. Find out the best way to get that steak just right while eating safe.

Featured Cooking Tool

FoodFit's Menu Planner

Get recipes for your starter, main course and dessert, shopping lists, nutrition facts and more. Get started here to choose from over 2500 chef-created healthy recipes!
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